It is said that 'Mad' Frankie Fraser is one of the great continuing professional criminal links of the last century. From the 30's to the 80's, Frank has been cell-mate and partner in crime to racecourse swindlers, train robbers and racketeers, He was quaffing beers with old man Charlie Kray while the twins were still in primary school. Frank has been a contract strong-arm, club owner, club minder, company director, Broadmoor inmate, firebomber, prison rioter but - first and last - a thief. 26 convictions. 42 years inside.
In the 60's Ron and Reggie Kray sought his services but Frank chose to pitch in with Charlie and Eddie Richardson and their South London alleged 'Torture Gang'. As one colleague from the criminal fraternity put it, Frank joining the Richardsons was like China getting the atom bomb.....

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