These events took place about 4 years before Frank´s death in November 2014

Anti-social Behaviour Order (ASBO)
In the old days it was either the Army or the Police that Frank was on the run from and they eventually caught up with him. Now his biggest adversary has also caught up with him but this one doesn’t take any prisoners.

Father Time!

Frank, frail and in poor health resides in a care home and watched over by wardens. Not too dissimilar to the lodgings he spent 42 years in. The difference is that these wardens were for Frank’s well being and comfort and not for his incarceration!
Frank is now nearly 91 years old but that hasn’t mellowed him too much and is still a force to be reckoned with. If you step on his toes be prepared to suffer the consequences as Arthur a care home resident soon found out.

About 4 years ago Frank was handed an ASBO for an incident that occurred in his Peckham residence.

Arthur an OAP and fellow resident was plotted up in Frank’s favourite leather chair by the window but refused to move.
A big mistake. A lot of shouting took place and Frank grabbed hold of him but Arthur jumped up and ran down the corridor. Frank said “It’s a good job I didn’t catch up with him again”

Although it wasn’t a violent confrontation, the police were called.
Arthur was quizzed about the incident but suffering from dementia replied “I don’t remember that”

Frank was eventually taken to court and earned himself his first ASBO.
Knowing Frank, I am sure it’s not his last!.

Sadly soon after, Arthur passed away.
Frank said: “I was pretty choked when he died. He was a pretty decent old bloke, like everyone at the home is. I don’t feel any remorse for throwing him out of my chair. For all I know he could have been a former policeman