Marilyn Breaks Up With Frankie
Frank and Marilyn were together for over 10 years and a certain newspaper boosted the sexual prowess of FrankĀ“s relationship with an article entitled "Hanky Panky With Mad Frankie"
Any man would have been proud to be credited with the all night sex marathons of this very agile old aged pensioner!

But after 10 years, was it a match made in Heaven?

A follow up article by The People newspaper entitled "No Hanky Panky With Mad Frankie" shows a different side

The People (London, England) March 18, 2001
The girlfriend of gangster Mad Frankie Fraser today reveals the sad truth...

In 10 years together they made love just ONCE. And so sex-starved Marilyn Wisbey has dumped him for rumpy-pumpy with a hunky Italian toyboy.

Marilyn - 30 years younger than notorious hardman Frankie - said: "I wanted sex and affection but Frankie had no interest.

"The only things he was interested in were writing his books about his life and organising his gangland tours and I didn't get a look-in."

Marilyn, 46 - daughter of Great Train Robber Tommy Wisbey - began her bizarre affair with Frankie when he escorted her to Parkhurst prison, Isle of Wight, to visit her father. The People newspaper

The vast age difference I am sure was the main cause, but whatever the reason, Marilyn has always had great affection for Frank and has said on a number of occasions that she regrets the break up.