Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson was born in 1936 and like his older brother had a great business brain.
Although he worked along side Charlie in the Deptford scrap yard he was slowly building up his own independent business ventures.
He already had two retail shops before he met and teamed up with Frankie Fraser.
Eddie and Frank were the main suppliers of one armed bandits (fruit machines) to all the top West End clubs including the Astor and Winstons and even to the more seedier clubs like Dick's of Frith street.
Eddie was also involved in the airport car park scam with Frank and Charlie, a dodgy deal that was to cause friction between the Krays and the Richardsons.
He helped Frankie Fraser kidnap Eric Mason (a Kray associate) from the Astor club but also probably saved Mason's life from Frank's vicious attack.
He was arrested in 1965 for his part in the Mr Smith's affair and sentenced to 5 years for affray.
In 1966 (The Torture Trial) he received 10 years for his assault on Benny Coulston and another 2 years to run concurrently for 'reprimanding' Jack 'The Rat' Duval.
He was released from prison in 1978 after completing 10 years of his original sentences.
He went back into the scrap business and slowly began to build his life again.
Unfortunately for Eddie the lure of easy money was to prove too much.
In October 1990 he was convicted for his involvement in a cocaine drug-smuggling conspiracy and sentenced to 35 years in prison.
Eddie was released in 2002 after serving 12 years of his sentence.
Much of his prison time was spent developing and improving his painting skills and is now a very accomplished artist.