Wednesday, 10th April, 2002

H. M. The Queen Mother

The Future Of The House Of Windsor Lies With William

The threatened drought of public emotion following the announcement of the death of H.M The Queen Mother was dramatically averted, and rightly so.

The slow ebbing tide of public sympathy at the passing away of the Queen 'Mum' suddenly became a tidal wave as the saturation media coverage fuelled the better instincts of the public, and alongside the flowing River Thames three mile queues of true, respectful British people paid their final respects to a person that had become a landmark of this country.

The true Briton is a respectful and loyal person. After World War 11 they were accused of ungraciously throwing out the architect of the defeat of Germany, Winston Churchill, and returned Clement Attlee to the House of Commons as Prime Minister.

To many people this appeared to be classic act of ungrateful behaviour. However, when Sir Winston died they turned out in their hundreds of thousands to honour him, and the whole country mourned.

During her lifetime The Queen Mother saw incredible history evolve. She was witness to the rise and fall of communist Russia, two 'Great' Wars (I prefer the description notorious wars), Henry Ford's invention of the motor car, talking pictures, the development of the telephone, TV, the jet aeroplane, the going to the moon by astronauts, the most incredible medical advances, hi-tech scientific discoveries, including the Internet. The list of wondrous inventions is almost endless, and they get more and more phenomenal with the passage of time.


People often ask me if I am a royalist or republican? My regular answer is that I am a good 'peopleist', which is meant to mean that I respect and admire good people.

Whether a person has 'blue' blood, red blood or plasma if they are good, and abide by the principles of honourable people then I will like them.

There is no way that I will like a person merely because he/she wears a crown or tiara on their head, and has an affected tone of voice. Nor do I automatically like a person in a cloth cap or baseball cap that speaks with a fractured English accent.

In fact I resent being told that I should like any person merely because of their position in society or their race or creed.


For H. M. The Queen Mother to live to enter her 102nd year, and for not one person to make a serious defamatory remark about her, clearly indicates that she wasn't a bad woman, maybe not perfect but then who is perfect.

However, as the mother of H.M. Queen Elizabeth she served her family and country well.

The Queen Mother was devoted to her country, and even when she became one of its oldest citizens, never once did she relax her high regard for duty to her Queen and country.

The Queen is another totally responsible person. Her adherence to protocol and duty is fervent. She is a Queen in the truest sense of the word, and majestic.

Is she expensive to this country? In my view she is not. The reason I say this is because she is a very good investment for the people of this country. Her track record in appeasing the truculent leaders of foreign countries, and securing valuable trading agreements is first class. If H. M. The Queen abdicated and was replaced by a president, and Tony Blair was unavailable, either Gordon Brown, Ian Duncan Smith or Charles Kennedy would be president of this country.

Now, Gordon Brown is a very good Chancellor and I believe would make a Prime Minister whose first priority would be to this country. The impression I have is that he has seen at first hand the frittering away of billions of pounds of taxpayer's money to lost causes, and would put the brakes on this runaway spending of the people's money.

This would be no bad thing and timely. However would he make a good president? I think not.

Do your really believe that Ian Duncan Smith or Charles Kennedy could really charm an arrogant leader of a foreign country?


British royalty is our Hollywood; our Disneyland; our national theme park. The pageantry of royalty is the envy of the world. America would give Fort Knox and its contents to have such a heritage. People from all parts of the world are in awe of the splendour that surrounds our royalty.

The value of the royal ceremonies to out tourist trade is enormous.

It easily excels Dynasty, and is off the TV screen.

Should we discard all this for a politician from a seriously flawed profession?

By way of example has every American president or French president been a great leader? Would you want to exchange H. M. Queen for a clone of USA President John Kennedy, and many others, or the Gallic President Giscard D'Estaing, and was Francois Mitterand perfect? Isn't Robert Mugabe the president of Zimbabwe? Is not the United Nations riddled with a brotherhood of dictators that rule as presidents by dictatorial force?


In recent years the character assassination of the children of the House of Windsor, and some elders of the British royalty, by the tabloid press, in particular, has been responsible for enormous damage to the fairyland image of British monarchy. However, before you blame the tabloid press pause and remember that when they attack powerful Establishment institutions there has to be a semblance of truth.

Of course exaggeration is often an added ingredient, but whilst it wrong, it is now par for the course. There is no doubt whatsoever that the totally irresponsible behaviour of the Windsor children has been foolish beyond words.

As a future King of England, The Prince of Wales, Charles has disqualified himself by two-timing his late wife, a woman with so many exceptional qualities. The Duke of York, Andrew indicated that his concern for his responsibilities as a royal became secondary when it was challenged by personal selfishness, and he married the woman of his choice. The Princess Royal, Anne appeared, with age or the competition of Princess Diana, to change from a reasonable caring person to a caustic tongued woman. Edward should never be in business of any description. His business decisions were serious errors of judgement.

To use the word immature when referring to Edward may not be misplaced.

However the real culprits responsible for this state of affairs are, probably, not the parents of the children of the House of Windsor, or even the children themselves despite their adult ages, but those who were employed to guide them away from decisions that could result in their character assassinations by the media.

Where on earth were the brains of these employed people when they allowed the people they were supposed to protect to indulge in extremely poor behaviour within the public gaze. If you are paid to 'mind' a person you have to do it.


The occupants of the House of Windsor by necessity live in a cloistered, some would say unreal, world. Their real understanding of the real world is probably at zero level.

Ordinary people have a far greater chance of meeting people with down-to-earth wisdom to impart than any member of the monarchy or their advisors.

This is no excuse for irresponsibility. Strict protocol and limited access to areas freely open to ordinary people is a price to pay for those who choose to be royals. It comes with the territory. Events have proved that even royalty cannot have the cake and eat it.

Negative application of thinking is usually a lot easier than appreciating the positive qualities of people. It has also to be clearly understood that if you remove the people that are royalty from the magnificent castles in which they live, the luxury lifestyle, the retinue of servants to attend to their every whim, the avoidance of every day worries that plague the far less privileged, you have to find that they are human beings with, maybe, more than their fair share of human frailties.

Nevertheless, where politicians would fail to charm political leaders, H. M. The Queen would succeed, and by the giving of an emblem made from inexpensive metal that is presented to a wide-eyed mesmerised leader of a foreign country as if it's value was priceless, plus her powerful presence, would have the errant leader hypnotised.

Before the commencement of the Windsor children's silly season, a foreign country that was a problem to this country of ours would undergo a magical change of policy, and maybe change history, when H. M. The Queen of England, and its protectorates, deigned to honour them with a visit.

However once the silly season of the House of Windsor children stretched into decade's serious harm was inflicted upon the prestige of H. M. The Queen and her court, and this caused significant detrimental harm to this country.


The one concession I will make to the children of the House of Windsor is that none of them is evil. Foolish unquestionably, but there is nothing wicked in their behaviour, unlike their ancient ancestors.

There is little wrong with Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edwards that the counsel of a streetwise person would not cure.

Despite the bad publicity that she has been saddled with, I am able to assure you that Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) the former wife of Prince Andrew is a good woman. She is a most caring, and generous person with time for people with serious health, and other problems. Her public persona is nothing like the real person.

However, it was a mistake to try and make her a royal. A royal has to be born into his/her role just like a racehorse is bred to race. A royal has a need for the expert guidance throughout his/her life that will enable fulfilment of his/her responsibilities to be accomplished; again just like the racehorse that will always has the essential need of a trainer that will bring out the best of its equine traits.

It is a sad fact that the Windsor children grew up in a time warp. They were badly let down by those whose job it was, and still is, to ensure that they behave at all times like royalty. Whatever the House of Windsor paid these people they are entitled to a full refund.


There is one anecdote of which I am aware that may explain the reason for this view. When Stevie Wonder received an invitation to appear on The Royal Variety Show many years ago, the invitation included words very close to: Her Majesty The Queen of England commands you to appear .........

It is said that Stevie wondered what the word 'command' was all about. He decided upon the literal meaning of the word, and refused at accept the 'command'. He could not understand that it was merely the language of the English monarchy.

Of course, it was out-of-date language, and totally unnecessary but had Stevie given proper consideration to the fact that over many years the greatest entertainment talent in the world had accepted the 'command' with good grace, then he may have realised that his behaviour was petulant.

At his marriage ceremonies did he not accept the language of the Church when he took the vows that pledged him to his wife?


At this point I have to say that I am a great admirer of the late Lady Diana. Her untimely death, and that of her fellow car passenger Dodi Fayed, was cause for terrible sadness.

The reason I held Lady Diana in such high esteem was that she went beyond even the boundaries of regular good people. Her kindness and care for others far less fortunate than herself made her a true Lady, not only as a titled person, but also more importantly as a human being.

The additional tragedy of the death of Lady Diana when in the prime of her life was that her two boys, William and Harry, have been denied her wonderful influence.

The signs are that Harry is still inwardly grieving, and may have a natural inward anger at the loss of his precious mother. I sincerely hope that when any resentment he may have reaches boiling point that he will press the pause button, and allow his responsibility to his remarkable mother to take precedence. Any display of bad behaviour by him in public would be an affront to the revered name of his mother.


As a future King of England, William is a great prospect. The question is that without the guidance of his mother will he realise the promise she instilled in him and, which he presently displays? He certainly has the appearance of a fine young man. Upon his shoulder lies the extra burden of having to honour his mother, a truly rare human being.

I am able to do nothing more than to sincerely wish him well.

I believe it to be incorrect to view H. M. The Queen, and royalty, in terms of loss and profit. Of course, they are costly but isn't Christmas expensive. Because of the high expense should we banish Christmas and deny our children the opportunity to enter fairyland once a year?


Those of us who know better times with regard to the quality of British people have to be dismayed at the downgrading of principles that were once originally British. Deeply flawed politicians have caused this serious dilution of a once truly British phenomenon.

It is a terrible tragedy. Had this country been wisely managed it would still be the envy of the world. We had in abundance the one ingredient that makes a country great - a remarkable people. Because of these exceptional people the name Great Britain was never misplaced.

It is incredible that while our politicians wasted this priceless asset, Hitler recognised it. Such was his respect for the British people that he publicly acclaimed that he did not to want to go to war against us.

They say he was a madman, this may be true. However, his ability to recognise the qualities of the British people was not that of a person with an unsound mind.

Her family and the nation have bid farewell to H.M. The Queen Mother. She touched the soul of the people, and none has cause to regret this visitation.

R.I.P. Ma'am

I would like to make it transparently clear that my views on the people mentioned in this viewpoint are made on their public image, and any details I have imparted have come at best second hand. I do not know any one of them personally. It is only fair that I should point this out