Sunday, 24th March, 2002

In The Name Of Humanity Rescue This Country From Shame

A copy of a desperate heartfelt plea has been sent to me by the impressive Michael Biggs the son of Ronnie, and I would like to share it with you. It may be viewed by clicking on the link: A Plea on Behalf of Ronnie Biggs.

I would have liked it to have appeared in my Viewpoint's section on this website because this is the most popular category, and receives substantial 'hit' traffic from around the world, unfortunately due to technical reasons this was not possible.

The plea for Ronnie Biggs encapsulates everything that is felt by any decent minded person because it is the TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Without hesitation I totally share the sentiments expressed in this profound and detailed plea.

I am fully aware that the word truth is not popular in political circles, but that should not mean that we have no right to insist that the truth surrounding Ronnie and Michael Biggs should be recognised.


Very often the decent people of this country fail to recognise their power. This is a serious mistake.

Militant political organisations enforce their will by organising demonstrations, the lobbying of Members of Parliament, the printing of newspapers that drive home their political ambitions and appear in print disguised as social injustices, and explore every conceivable possibility that may help the cause that they pin to their mast.

From where the money comes to finance these expensive exhibitions has always been a mystery, and remains so.

That which seriously disappoints me is that the concern of these organisations is only centred upon political causes that accord with their political agendas. If they were truly genuine and conscience of social injustices they would not confine themselves to political motivation.

An example case is that it cannot be denied that a ruthless fascist Nazi-style dictator rules Zimbabwe. With this undeniable fact established where are the organised demonstrations by the Anti-Nazi League demanding that action has to be taken to relieve the people of Zimbabwe of the evil of modern day Nazism? They are nowhere to be seen.

How come that the disgrace imposed on the decent people of this country by the incarceration of the very sick Ronnie Biggs in the high security Belmarsh prison, is not protested against by organisations that are plentiful when there is injustice against an immigrant or an asylum seeker?

I do not want an injustice perpetrated upon anyone whether he be an immigrant, an asylum seeker or, for that matter, any 'best friend of man' from the canine breed.

However why are those people that are so concerned with assisting foreigners now hiding away when Ronnie Biggs is in the dreadful plight of being kept in Belmarsh prison, when his rightful place as a seriously ill human being is in a hospital where he will receive proper medical attention that only the very best medical equipment and human attention is able to provide?

Does it mean that because Ronnie Biggs robbed a train of a great deal of money that he is not a human being? Is it justice that his devoted son Michael should be treated as a pariah when his only crime is that he dearly loves his father?


Why do the people who plead for family values sit idly by and allow faceless sadistic mandarins to do their utmost to try and crush the deep love that exist between Ronnie and Michael Biggs?

The relationship that exists between Ronnie and Michael is a rare public example nowadays of love between parent and son that is return to past years when family love was supreme.

So strong is the bond that exists between Ronnie and Michael that nothing the faceless mandarins could ever do will cause even the slightest blemish on the wonderful inspiring love that exists between this father and son.

It is a disgrace that the country against who the moderate-minded Michael Biggs is obliged to direct his controlled anger is, England, the Mother of democracy.

When the Daily Express recently described me as that 'old rascal' they were not wrong. I have a bad police record that cannot be denied, and I am now retired from crime. However I stand proud and salute young Michael Biggs, and thank him for showing by way of example to youngsters and older people that family values are not completely lost.

If an 'old rascal' is able appreciate this how come that dignitaries like the Archbishop of Canterbury and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor head of the Roman Catholic Church in England are unable to share this understanding? Both Ronnie and Michael Biggs are Christians is there class distinction in the Christian religions, and is Ronnie a second class Christian? From my knowledge of the bible Jesus Christ would be immensely proud of Michael Biggs, and long ago would have forgiven a repentant Ronnie.

Is the Chief Rabbi of the English Jewish community or the Head Mullah of the Muslim religion of this country only interested in members of their own faith?

Perhaps, worse are all these religious leaders moral cowards?

It is against all the principles of the true English person to subject Michael Biggs to the emotional torture of the sadistic threat that should he leave this country he may not be allowed to return and say goodbye to his father, or attend his funeral.

It would require a master scribe to attempt to adequately expose the inhumanity of this shameful behaviour by faceless civil servants in the name of Home Secretary David Blunkett, who in turn represents the people of this country, but even the supreme prose of a master scribe might prove inadequate to this task.


I call upon you to please join the voice of the decent people in this country to speak out loud and clear, and then go one step further and use the modern, and old-fashioned, means of peaceful protest on behalf of Ronnie and Michael Biggs.

With all the emotion I am able to generate I ask everyone that reads the impassioned plea of Michael to send a message to anyone that is in a position to help Ronnie Biggs and Michael Biggs, and forcibly request that the agony of the punishment to which Ronnie Biggs is being subjected to has to be immediately halted.

The English way of life demands that a person has to be treated by those in authority in a humane and just manner, and when the time comes that they be allowed to die with dignity in the company of their loved ones.

This is how the medical condition of Ronnie Biggs is described:

He is suffering from ulcers, gastrointestinal haemorrhaging, is unable to speak, eat, swallow or drink.

He is a very sick man, and requires specialist medical treatment currently unavailable in Belmarsh prison.

I respectfully ask Mr. Blunkett that as a human being and Home Secretary do you with full knowledge of the circumstances condone this disgraceful state of affairs?

Some of the people that could help the injustices impose upon Ronnie and Michael are:


A suitable message to be sent to the above would be:


The medical condition of Ronnie Biggs is:

"He is suffering from ulcers, gastrointestinal haemorrhaging, is unable to speak, eat, swallow or drink. He is a very sick man, and is being denied specialist medical treatment because it is unavailable in Belmarsh prison, and only available in a hospital.".

As a civilised people are we by a mute attitude consenting to this disgraceful treatment of an Englishman whose crime was to rob a train of money.

It is also against all the principles of the true English person to subject Michael Biggs to the emotional torture of the sadistic threat that should he leave this country he may not be allowed to return and say goodbye to his father or attend the funeral of his deeply loved parent. Yours in protest,

However, if you prefer to send this complete Viewpoint please do so.

If the first attempt fails to gain a positive response then please keep on striving until those people in a position to right this terribly unacceptable situation relent and treat Ronnie Biggs as a human being, and do that which is correct by placing him in a properly equipped hospital.

The greater number of protests the greater chance there is of Ronnie and Michael being treated humanely.

Why not form groups and raise petitions to present to Tony Blair and David Blunkett?

All decent sporting people have a sense of fair play and would willingly sign a petition that rights injustice. Therefore people that attend football matches, boxing and other sports events en masse would be a good target area. There are also many other places where decent people congregate.

It would be a privilege for me to join any delegation to present the petition to Number 10 Downing Street, and to help in any other way that is possible. This web site is always available to assist you to help two people in desperate need of support.


As Michael with such heart-rending emotion points out Ronnie Biggs has been forced to live for 32 years in Brazil in a state of freedom that in reality was a form of bondage.

Twice a week Ronnie had to sign on at a police station, and was subjected to a 10 p.m. curfew, yet he had committed no crime in Brazil.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to imagine the humiliation of being forced to end the freedom of each day at 10 o'clock each night, including weekends, for 11,648 days, especially in a capital city famed for its glittering nightlife.

The personal discipline that is required to fulfil this punitive order is so demanding that an overwhelming majority of people would consider it to be beyond the capabilities of a normal human being. I know of no one that I could honestly put forward as being capable of fulfilling such a draconian sentence.

Only a person with a high regard for honour could fulfil the promise that Ronnie Biggs gave to the Brazilian authorities, and if any person dares to suggest that this isn't unqualified evidence that Ronnie Biggs is a completely reformed person then that person is a philistine, and in my view forfeits the right to be a member of the civilised human race.

Ronnie was not allowed to work or marry. A deeply religious Catholic country forced a proven dedicated family man, to live in sin.

Despite the degradation imposed on Ronnie Biggs by the Brazilian authorities, probably at the behest of the inhuman British authorities, Ronnie has never badmouthed Brazil, and has only expressed his grateful thanks to the country that gave him sanctuary albeit with torturous restrictions on his freedom.

Alleged British humanitarians were well aware of this torturous conduct, and shamefully acquiesced, and they did it in the name of the British people. Such conduct makes it hard to believe that these same people have the right to criticise other countries that practice mental and physical torture.

Please also help Michael Biggs, This young man has proved beyond all reasonable doubt to be a good person that is fully deserving of respect. He is a credit to all young people everywhere.

By helping Ronnie and Michael Biggs you will allow those of us that are proud to be English to stand tall, and show that there is still hope for this great country of ours.

At the same time it will show to the rest of the world that as a people we are compassionate, and that we did do our duty as human beings to a stricken fellow member of the human race, the 72-year-old Ronnie Biggs who once upon a time many years ago played a minor role in robbing a train of money, and that we also cared and had serious concern for his devoted son, Michael.