Friday, 15th March, 2002

Tony, Watch Out, George Is About!
The Nightmare In Zimbabwe

Tony, Watch Out, George Is About!

Of all the politicians I have seen over the years in my view Prime Minister Tony Blair comes across as the most naturally honest.

The impression I have formed of our Prime Minister is that unlike so many other past, and present, members of the House of Commons he doesn't think crooked. When he makes a statement he genuinely believes it to have a basis of truth.

He has me convinced that he is also a genuine nice guy, and his family appear to behave in a manner that supports my innermost feelings.

With that said I could not say the same about USA President George Bush, although I am sure he has a good family. It is the eyes of Prez' George that 'shop' him.

For my money Prez' George is a natural street fighter, and knows most of the tricks. If he shook my hand I would keep a look out with a wary eye for the left hook that could come from his other hand.

Dedicated winners that are cast out of the mould from which came Prez' George have to win at all costs.

If I were doing business with him my natural instincts would put me on my guard, and I would be looking out for the old one, two metaphorically speaking This doesn't mean I wouldn't do business with him it's just that I would proceed with extreme caution.


Rightly or wrongly I believe that when PM Tony makes a promise he does so in the belief that it will be honoured. If he has a fault he is inclined to believe the advice that he is given from faceless civil servant mandarins. He needs to take care in this regard. The prime ministers that have been ruined by mandarins are not few in number, there are many.

A promise from Prez' George would have me wondering which way the wind is blowing, and if he didn't deliver I would write it off as a change of wind, and there would be no real disappointment. It is more likely I would be surprised if he did deliver. Probably, Prez' George would be even more surprised.

However, I do believe that George Bush is the man of the hour for America, and the free world.

We all have to be grateful for the shrewd judgement of the America people in choosing George Bush over Al Gore to lead their country, just before the Taliban struck their blow against civilisation. While Al would have spent sleepless nights contemplating on which tactics to employ to counter the terrorist attacks, Prez' George would be shadow boxing in front of the mirror, flexing his muscles, and as the American would say 'have his 'dukes' up ready to fight or as we say have his fists in a fighting stance.

Prez' George is a reformed character from his early days, and is a natural competitor that has to win. The Taliban made a fatal mistake when they struck on Tragic Tuesday, 11th September, with George Bush Junior newly installed as President of the United States of America.

Their timing like most of their thinking was seriously flawed. The new President didn't have the slightest doubt that he was in charge of the only super power in the world, and the full force of the all-powerful might of America would deal with anyone that wanted to challenge that fact.

Any dictator throughout the world that believes that Prez' George is not for real had better learn to duck, and duck with speed. When the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bush, Senior, issues a warning, those to whom he is directing the warning need to listen, and act accordingly. If they don't they will live, or die, (Prez' George won't care one way or the other) regretting it.


I have to be honest and declare that I wish Prez' George had been dealing with that political terrorist Robert Mugabe. With Prez' George directing operations Zimbabwe would now have a president, and government, that is the choice of the majority of its people.

There would be no futile appeals to those two brotherhoods of dictators, The Commonwealth and the United Nations. Prez' George would have given the tin pot dictators one option: "Do that which is correct or I will do it for you."

Had Mugabe badmouthed Prez' George the counter-punches would have put him, and his henchmen, in intensive care on life support machines or in the morgue.

Because they are two very different people PM Tony is no match for Prez' George when dealing with The Commonwealth and the United Nations warlords, Prez' George is on home territory with these vicious oppressors.

While 'nice guy' PM Tony would make a heartfelt appeal to The Commonwealth and UN brotherhoods to order Mugabe to hold a democratic election, Prez' George would know that there is no point in swimming with hungry crocodiles in the hope of winning their friendship.

He would give the The Brotherhood a warning, and then an order; thereafter it would be on their own heads if they chose to ignore the directive.

To be fair to PM Tony, as I have said before on a Viewpoint, Prez' George is the front man for a team that in football would be equivalent to a team chosen from the best clubs in Europe. Whereas poor PM Tony has a team that appears to have been chosen from the Fourth Division.

Prez' George sends Colin Powell. PM Tony would have to send Jack Straw. Prez' George sends Dick Cheney. PM Tony would have to send John Prescott. With that established nothing more needs be said on the subject.


The respectful advice I give to PM Tony is that when dealing with The Commonwealth and UN warlords is to sack those mealy-mouthed civil servant mandarins, who wouldn't know how to win a bun fight, and appoint a street-wise advisor who is able to accurately read people like Prez' George, and also the members of the dictators brotherhood, before they act, and apprise the PM on the best way to deal with these people.

Prez' George plays for real. He has the interests of the US as his number 1, 2, 3, priorities. If along the way this attitude benefits any other country then that is good. It is well known that accidents do happen.

Not for one moment do I blame Prez' George for deciding that presently his only priority is that which benefits the country he was elected to lead. Any dilution of this priority will be reflected in the American electoral polls the next time around.

PM Tony would do well to learn from Prez' George that his first responsibility is to his own country. If, at the same time, PM Tony is able to use some spare resources of this country to help others then that too is good and welcomed, but he must understand that only SPARE resources should be made available.

This country has far too many problems of its own to remedy before taking on the burdens of other countries. The callous ungrateful attitude of Mugabe is a lesson that has been repeated by each and every Third World country dictator that takes our generous aid, 'rips off' most of it, and squanders the little that is left.


While health and social services across this country of ours seriously suffer from an acute lack of money, we give many millions of pounds away to crooked dictator ingrates.

It has been reported that we have given Zimbabwe in excess of 562 million sterling pounds. Can you believe that, 562 million for free? We have also written off many millions of pounds worth of Third World debts, and our reward is sneering insults and lies from Mugabe and his henchmen, and they do not stand-alone.

It has to stop. The needs of the people of this country have to be given top priority. How does PM Tony do it? The answer is easy watch Prez' George, and put into practice that which he sees.

President Putin of Russia gives me the impression that he is doing just that. The Russian leader goes about his business in a quiet dignified manner, but I would not be surprised if he is enjoying the lessons. I just hope his political education has natural restrictions. One Prez' George is enough for any one world.

A Side Issue

Questions are being asked from the left, centre and the right on why Prez' George has pulled no punches with a dormant Saddam Hussein of Irag, and has declared that Sad 'The Bad' Hussein is on the hit list of Prez' George. Hussein has kept a very low profile, and has been noticeable by his absence from the public arena of any involvement with The Taliban and Afghanistan, verbally or otherwise.

There has been plenty of speculation on why Sad 'The Bad' is a world threat, but so far no one has come up with tangible evidence that the civilised world is at risk from him. It has to be recognised that Prez' George has access to the finest counter intelligence information available so, perhaps, he knows more than he is telling.

It may also be that I am becoming too cynical in my mature age, but Prez' George is a Texan oilman, and so is Vice-President Dick Cheney. Both have valuable interests in the oil industry. When Prez' George rattles the sabre at Saddam Hussein of Iraq oil prices spiral upwards. Surely this is just a coincidence? Or is it?

The Nightmare In Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe, and his gun-toting henchmen are responsible for seething anger among the free world leaders as the extent is revealed of the terrible abuses that were perpetrated in the recent Zimbabwe elections, and which denied the people of that country the right to elect the president, and government, of their choice.

Mugabe, the evil tyrant with the Hitler moustache, who now masquerades as president of Zimbabwe, used every dirty trick in the book, and invented several new ones, to rig the recent elections in Zimbabwe, to ensure his return to power.

His total disregard for Human Rights, the use of vicious hatchet men the State of Zimbabwe police and military forces to commit torture, grievous bodily and murder upon people whose only 'crime' was to seek democracy must not be allowed to send a message to young people all over the world that tyranny and the law of the gun are the weapons that guarantee success.


If Tony Blair does not act firmly as is necessary, and take every essential step to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe are allowed to exercise their fundamental right to have a president, and a government, that is the choice of the majority of the people, then his status as world leader will receive a shattering blow.

It is likely that the damage to his career as a result of a failure to find a solution to oust the ruthless despot Mugabe will do irreparable damage to the reputation of Prime Minister Tony Blair. If the leaders of the Commonwealth are prepared to allow Mugabe to retain power then the Commonwealth is a corrupt and immoral organisation, and has no place in the modern world, and should be disbanded.


Those truly democratic member countries of the Commonwealth that are required by their people to be morally correct have a duty to break away from the renegade countries ruled by dictators whose interpretation of democracy is enforced power by force and murder on the people.

These renegade oppressors must be made pariahs by the rest of the world.

Only a person that is corrupt, evil or a complete fool would believe that the recent election in Zimbabwe was fair and complied with the demands of a democratic election.

South Africa is the first country to state that the Mugabe staged election in his country was democratic. This scandalous view of the rulers of South Africa should not be treated merely with contempt, but taken as a warning of the route this country is heading. By agreeing that the disgraceful methods of Mugabe are an acceptable standard then it is a clear indication that they too would be prepared to use the similar anti-democratic vile methods of Mugabe.


If Mugabe is allowed to prove that the might of dictators is all that is required to acquire dominant rule in the Third World then democracy will be extinguished in these wretched countries, and servitude and disaster will be the fate of the majority of people of the countries that comprise the Third World.

The Taliban are religious fundamentalists. Mugabe, and anyone that supports him, is a power fundamentalist. Each one of these perverted fanatics threatens the peace and democratic rights of the civilised world. They have to be put out of business.

You don't make a bully redundant by turning the other cheek.


The excuse that if sanctions are applied to countries where there is dictatorial rule then the ordinary people will suffer is a poor excuse, and without credibility. The poor are bound to suffer even more if monetary aid and food is sent to these countries, and is hijacked for the benefit of dictators.

The money will be used to finance weapons, and pay for special units of gunmen to ensure that the dictators of the renegade countries crush all protests and legitimate demonstrations. The food will only reach the parts of the country that are the strongholds of supporters of the dictators.

Zimbabwe is an example of where Foreign Aid sent to this country to alleviate the plight of the people has been 'ripped-off', and the benefit to the people is of zero value.

Foreign Aid to these countries is nothing more than bribery to appease greedy and ruthless dictators. Where in the world of commerce, or elsewhere, are billions of pounds regularly given away without a detailed business plan being submitted and approved; where no audit is made on where the money was spent, and proper checks made to ensure there has been satisfactory fulfilment of the business plan?

Is there any reason why approved business plans and any audit, and reports made by experts on where the money has been spent should not be published, and brought into the public domain for public scrutiny?

Good hearted and generous people everywhere that allow their money to be sent to countries ruled by dictators, or inept officials, are being 'ripped-off'. Make no mistake the money is badly misused.

When the evil mass murderer President Mobutu of Zaire died it was known that vast sums of money that he had 'ripped-off' had been siphoned off into foreign bank accounts. It was claimed that there was evidence that six billion pounds, 6,000 million, was involved, and it could be more.

It is an insult to intelligence to suggest that such a vast amount of money was legitimately acquired when people in Zaire are starving. There were grand statements that the Mobutu bank accounts would be hunted down, and the money in the accounts seized and returned to the people of Zaire.

It has not happened. To do so would open the eyes of too many people in the free world, and as a consequence, the political payola to dictators in the Third World would on the insistence of the people in democratic countries cease until the matter was rectified. So 6,000 million pounds is swept under the carpet.


The files on my police record require a trolley to transport them. With hindsight I am not proud of it.

I was never a boy scout as my time as a youth was committed to survival. However I have self-respect in that you will not find one mention in my police record that suggests I robbed or took advantage of a poor, and/or vulnerable person.

To people like me that is very important.

Do you youngsters out there understand what I am saying? There is behaviour that is morally very wrong, and which no person with respect for his principles would stoop to doing. It is very important to understand the full meaning of this, and before you decide to become a scumbag stop and think!

When all else may be lost you have only your principles left to separate you from the scumbags. If you decide to lose your precious principles, then you are a lost person, an outcast and fully deserve the disgrace that goes with this totally disreputable image. There have been times as a kid when I was 'boracic' (boracic lint = skint) with holes in my shoes and when there were more dinner times than dinners, but never once did I defect to the sewer-filth and rob poor or vulnerable people.

That is what muggers do. They rob ordinary and vulnerable people who in no way are able to afford to lose their precious possessions. Those that commit these robberies are scumbags. Mubuto was, and Mugabe is a mugger.

That which is conveniently forgotten is that when millions of pounds is sent to a Third World country the buying power of that money is far greater than it would be in the developed countries.

It would not be unusual for 5 million to have a buying power of four times that amount because labour and merchandise are so much cheaper. A project where land is required is usually owned by the local government and should be made available for free. Goods that need to be purchased to complete a project to benefit the people should be free of import duties or any other fiscal penalties. With these, and other significant savings, 5 million, with local buying power of 20 million that is spent sensibly should seriously alleviate the plight of the people of any Third World country.

Clare Short the one time fiery politician of 'Old Labour' is the now Minister responsible for foreign aid. Clare is no fool therefore why doesn't she insist upon detailed business plans, and then eventually itemised statements that account for the money that has been spent, and prepared accounts that have been professionally scrutinised and audited by inspectors and accountants from this country. These reports should then be published so that they come into the public domain?

Surely we are entitled to know where, and how, our money is being spent?


The total amount of money that is donated to Third World countries from the developed countries is never revealed. In small print in our newspapers we read that this country has made a foreign aid grant that is usually in the area of millions of pounds. Rarely is anything more is reported on the grant or the benefit to the benefiting Third World country.

We are a very generous nation with regard to foreign aid. Other countries are equally as generous. For example there are: America; most, if not all, countries in the European Union; Russia, developed Far Eastern countries, and others. They all contribute immense amounts of money. How come that the aggregate amount is not itemised and published?

Added to this money are the very large contributions made to the Third World by independent charities that collect donations from kind-hearted people that amount to a prodigious total.

I suggest that if the total amount were made known there would be an enormous outcry demanding to know where such vast sums of money have been spent. According to a TV report our contribution to Zimbabwe (or should that be Mugabe?) for the period of Mugabe's 22-year reign, is 562 million. This works out at over 25 million a year!

If the buying power in Zimbabwe is four times that amount it should mean that on average at least 100 million each year from this country alone should have been invested in Zimbabwe, and its people.

Aren't we entitled to have itemised accounts detailing where this vast amount of money has been spent?

It has also to be realised that when Mugabe took over Rhodesia and renamed it Zimbabwe, it was a prosperous country. Therefore our contribution of 562 million should have only improved the well-managed infrastructure of this country. Instead today the economy of Zimbabwe and the plight of the ordinary people are in a dreadful state.

This has to mean our money has been 'ripped-off' or wasted.

562 million would have made a great difference to our National Health Service and Education facilities