Saturday, 9th March, 2002

Great Britain 2002

Where, Oh Where Is The Man Of The Hour?

" 'It is in bad taste', is the most formidable word an Englishman can pronounce," Emmerson. Journals 1839.


Public transport is in chaos.

It is often standing room only on the tube and trains.

Nationwide the urban roads are grid locked.

The National Health Service is falling apart, and way behind the standards of other European countries.

The Emergency Services are stretched to breaking point.

People are living on the streets.

There is no money to pay pensioners their entitlement, and many are forced to live below the poverty line.

This denial of the basic right of people to affordable housing is a very grave situation. The over-all effect that this unreal and damning state of affairs will have in the long term on British society is so frighteningly dismal that it doesn't bear contemplation. Outside of the 'toy' states where else in the world does such a preposterous state of affairs exist, or more importantly is allowed to exist?

Houses are in such a desperate short supply that to purchase a house today, and in the foreseeable future, you either have to be a rich person or have the income of the rich.

Where will ordinary young people that marry, or co-habit, live if there are no affordable homes that they are able to rent or buy?

How will community services function if people that service them have nowhere to live?

These are the most obvious extremely serious problems that afflict this stricken country of ours. There are many others. Most of which are avoidable with the application of reason.


Why, is the quality of life for the ordinary citizens of this country not reflected in the modern technological advances that make the quality of life so much better for people that live in other developed countries?

To find the answer does not require a complicated intellectual cause and effect interpretation.

That which is required is to abandon the intellectual think tanks of academics that rely upon theory that fails in practice, and costs a great deal of money.

The rhetoric of politicians has to be scorned.

Those in power must cease playing the complicated guessing game, and using verbiage to disguise the obvious reason for the problems.

It is essential to ignore those on the left or the right of politics, and walk and think in an unwavering straight line without the pressures that dogma often imposes.

All of this is necessary because the unmixed answer requires only commonsense to highlight the cause of the continuing decline of this once great country - and it lies in one simple word: OVERCROWDING.

This small island is now so seriously overcrowded that its indigenous people are forced to suffer this grievous assault on their fundamental right to live as they choose, and enjoy a well-earned quality of life.


Economic migrants are swamping this proud island of ours because they have become an incessant tidal wave of people seeking asylum in this country. The plight of these people many of whom come from countries ruled by evil, corrupt dictators who plunder and rape their countries for personal gratification is very wrongly being judged on emotional grounds.

It would be a stonehearted person that does not feel compassion for stricken people that have their human rights degraded by torture to a point where the cruelty of hungry animals upon other animals that are food, have the appearance of being compassionate.

However you do not cure a killer plague by disseminating a deadly virus on guiltless people.


I fail to understand why when the very existence of a person is threatened that any safe abode is not gladly, and gratefully, welcomed irrespective where so ever it might be located?

A person is fully entitled to choose his holiday location with care, and ensure that his likes and dislikes are taken into full consideration. However, when there is a desperate need for a life-saving safe haven then surely anywhere that offers sanctuary is Shangri-la.

In this context does the term 'Beggar's can't be choosers' have a more accurate application?

Therefore, if this country is overcrowded surely it is correct to fully assist with finance, and other practical help, any country that is not overcrowded and is willing to accept migrants whether or not they are genuinely fleeing from terror, by establishing trades that will help the economy of the host nation, and thereby be of long-term benefit to its people.

If a country that is not overcrowded refuses to accept migrants then why does it refuse to show compassion, and grant sanctuary to people fleeing from tyrants, and in desperate need of help? Is it something we should be told?

Many years ago when I was in Pentonville prison the governor William Lawton attempted to murder me, and was determined to make sure that I had a short life span. My sister Eva went to the Home Office, and threatened to expose the situation to the newspapers unless they transferred me out of the 'Ville to another prison.

The 'bottles' of those at the Home Office went and they moved me from one hellhole to another, Wandsworth prison.

Nevertheless I was mighty pleased to see the gates of Pentonville close behind me, and the gates of the forbidding hellhole Wandsworth prison open as we drove towards them.

I knew the 'bully-boy' 'screws' at Wandsworth would be waiting for me and there would be a 'tear-up', and I would receive painful cuts and bruises, but at least I would live to tell the tale.


It took the lives of millions of loved ones, the terrible sufferings of the worst of grief for the many more who were members of once happy families, and even more millions of British people who were forced to carry an atrocious burden on their spirit to defend democracy for the benefit of the whole world in two of the worst-ever destructive wars that shame the so called 'heroes' of history that allowed it to happen.

During these dark years the British people lived in daily fear of their lives. While fortuitously an overwhelming majority were spared and escaped paying the ultimate sacrifice, a horrifying number of healthy men, women and children had their lives blighted by physical and mental disabling injuries that meant for the rest of their lives they either had no quality of life or, at best, it was seriously decimated.

The valour of these astonishingly brave people went far beyond the call of duty.

We won two world wars but failed to gain victory. It was others who gained the real benefits.

It took the events that devastated the USA on Tragic Tuesday, the 11th of September 2001 for the American people to really understand the depth of suffering that the British people suffered on their homeland.

Tragic Tuesday was one day in the calendar of American history.

The two World Wars that were forced upon the British people meant that that Tragic Tuesday was a disaster that lasted days, nights, weeks, months and years. During, which the British people suffered a nightmare of terrifying dimensions.


Much political play is made of the role that this country played in the slave trade. Much of it is exaggerated. Of course, any form of slavery is grotesquely wrong, and it is shameful that we were involved. However, we did not invent the trade in human beings. In fact to describe us as 'punters' would be far more accurate

In pre-historic times Julius Caesar made our people slaves, and the all-conquering Romans took them into slavery. Today the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome, the 50,000 seater arena built in AD 80, bears testament to the unholy fate of Britons who were forced to suffer intolerable cruelty, and horrendous deaths merely to satiate the bloodthirsty Romans.

To listen to the false propaganda you may be inclined to believe that we took slavery to massive heights of commerce. It is nonsense.

Apartheid has never been, to my knowledge, practiced in this country, which speaks for itself. In 1833 Great Britain led the way and slavery was abolished. 32 years later America followed this country's lead.

Any involvement in slavery has to be regretted, but our involvement has to be measured against the enormous size of the mighty British Empire, and the immense impact this complex commercial evolution of world trade had on totally undeveloped countries that without British industry and business expertise would have remained undeveloped, and of benefit to no one.

The establishing of such a gargantuan world trade network was carried out under extremely difficult, almost impossible, marketing conditions where communication was severely restricted, often nonexistent, and bears no comparison with the facilities available today. It was a prodigious achievement.

Our part in the wicked slave trade does not compare to that played by the slave trade masters of other countries where trading in human beings was a serious business.

I am unaware of any slave markets in this country, and this is the reason that prior to the mid-1950's black people were rare in this country.


I knew of a small number of black families that settled here over 50 years ago, and they were well-behaved decent people. Of course, they were noticeably different but only as their colour indicated.

There were also morons with pea-sized brains, and mouths that when opened resembled the entrance to Blackwall Tunnel, that bad-mouthed these black people, but I can honestly say I did not hear, or see, of any violent intimidation against these families. I am sure the local people would not have tolerated it.

The morons even bad-mouthed their own families, so very few. If any, took notice of them.

I still see members of these black families, and we are still friends.

Remarkable as it may be slavery is practiced in 2002 in Third World countries. To say this defies belief is a gross understatement.

Instead of putting all their efforts into the eradication of this inhuman practice, the propagandists prefer to badmouth this country for the sins committed prior to 169 years ago by a tiny minority in foreign lands.

This was the period when it was an accepted practice for young white British boys to be used to clean chimneys by climbing up the inside of these soot-laden, and terrifying dark vertical tunnels that reached for the sky.

If those who insist that the people of this country should pay for the misguided sins of our ancestors committed over a 169 years ago due to their involvement in slavery, then surely it is appropriate for the people of Germany, Japan, and every other country that had an Empire, should forever pay for the mistakes that their ancestors committed against foreign people.

How do you quantify in terms of money the cruelty of the Japanese, the Nazis, our bombing of Dresden, the crimes of Stalin, the napalm bombing of Viet Nam by the Americans, the wars waged by France under Napoleon, the Chinese in Tibet, the barbarity of Genghis Khan of Mongolia, and many, many more.

The shelves of libraries throughout the world are crammed with history books that record crimes against humanity. Hardly a country of the world is exempt, and every crime against humanity is always horrendous.

Our crimes were no worse nor, probably, less damning than those of others. It is sad, but it is the way of the world.


Abuse is also hurled at this country and its people for allegedly plundering and robbing countries that became part of the Empire.

There is no doubt that it is not possible for any Empire to be without responsibility for gross abuse and injustice. However, it is now over 50 years since we departed from occupied countries like India.

How much progress has this country made since our departure, and how improved is the plight of the people of India?

A most valuable legacy of the British to India, and its people, is the vast railway network built by them. India would not survive were it not for this great feat of engineering, and today even with the availability of modern technology could they equal such a masterly network of construction over such a vast continent?

The fact that trains brought to India by the British are still being used probably gives the answer to this question.

Another valuable legacy is their legal system. This is heavily based upon the English system.

If we were such oppressive bad rulers why is it that Indian people have said to me that they wish England had stayed to administrate the country because the British know how to govern well?

That which is wrong is to compare the primitive moral standards of many, many years ago with those prevalent today, and which we now take for granted.

Can you imagine young boys being allowed to climb up the inside of English chimneys to clean them today?


Apartheid has no place in a democratic country, but is that which is now masquerading as democracy and has replaced it in South Africa and Rhodesia, renamed Zimbabwe, an acceptable replacement?

In my view most definitely not!

Apartheid is totally unacceptable, but where is the gain for the people if you replace official subjugation with anarchistic servitude?

Zimbabwe and South Africa have declined from being two well governed, prosperous and carefully managed countries with a majority of black people that were so friendly and well behaved they were a credit to their people, and their countries, to disaster areas.

How much better it would have been had past lessons been learned, and the then incumbent totally misguided apartheid rulers of these two countries, and the anti-apartheid faction who were desperate for power at any cost, had been made to seek a more accommodating solution to ensure a changeover that would have been of future benefit to all of the people.

In truth there was no concern for the people, whether they were black or white, of these countries. They were just pawns to be used and abused by ruthless politicians who either had the power or coveted the power, and the riches this domination brings with it.

For those white and black people who believe that they politically 'liberated' the ordinary black people of these countries there is a need for them to reply to the question that if you replace apartheid with anarchy where is the progress for the black people?

Democracy is one of the most important of words, yet it is merely a word without meaning unless it is put into practice.


I challenge any one of those who had a part in the 'liberation' of South Africa and Zimbabwe to name any politician who played a significant role in the 'liberation' of these countries that is not today a very rich person?

They need also to compare the lifestyle of these affluent politicians with the present day dreadful existence of the ordinary black and white people of these two countries.

In Zimbabwe there is a complete denial of Human Rights. There is no freedom of free thought; corruption and lies rule. Murder is sanctioned by the Mugabe regime.

In South Africa anarchy reigns; Johannesburg is the world's capital of murder, street crime is out of control. Carjacking was given birth in South Africa, and is now fast threatening to become an epidemic in this country. The economies of both countries are in total disarray, and it will only worsen.

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe is an evil racist, and there are no limits to his ruthlessness. His totally unacceptable treatment of the people of Zimbabwe is aided and abetted by the other dictators of the African states as evidenced by the failure of the African member countries of the Commonwealth to agree to stop Mugabe's ruthless determination to keep power by murder, and their outright contempt for the lives and well being of the people of Zimbabwe.


The behaviour of Mugabe's fellow dictators at the Commonwealth summit was no surprise. If the serial killers who have murdered innocent people, including children, on Death Row in American prisons were to be asked whether they should be immediately released, the answer would be an obvious immediate, yes!

It is also necessary to reflect on the fact that If I dared to voice these comments in Zimbabwe I would have two choices the first would be that if I wished to continue to live then I would have to first leave the country.

The alternative choice would be that should I insist upon staying in the country then I would have to do it from a heavily armed fortress because the murderous thugs of Mugabe would use the law of Mugabe to permanently silence me.

If Mugabe were the dictator of a country half the size of Russia he would commit more crimes against his people than the monster Stalin committed against his people. There is no doubt in my view Mugabe personifies evil.

The people of Zimbabwe deserve very much better, and the free countries of the world have a duty to ensure that the ordinary people of Zimbabwe have a right to a truly democratic country, and ensure that foreign aid is used to help the people that need it.

The days when foreign aid is merely used as a 'bung' to appease African dictators has to be all our yesterdays.


After the forthcoming elections should the iron grip on power of Mugabe in Zimbabwe be retained due to brutal corruption then the plight of Zimbabwe and its good people will be a terrifying disaster. The economic situation will get even worse, if that is possible, and the result will prove catastrophic.

If Mugabe manages to extend his term of office then many of those he considers his enemy that manage to escape out of the country will head for this country to seek asylum. The number could be substantial, and the majority will be in genuine fear of their lives, and deserving of sanctuary in a safe country.

Despite the passing of ample time since independence to achieve success there is not ONE country on the Africa continent that despite grand promises that has improved the plight of its people since gaining self-rule Their politicians are usually ruthless, power crazy, incredibly greedy, and a disgrace.

While the successful countries of the world continue to pay lip service to these tyrants then the terrible plight of the ordinary people of these wretched countries will only get worse.

Nigeria is a country that is extremely rich in oil and valuable minerals.

If in the West the rich get richer and the poor get poorer then how do your describe the dire straits in which are placed the poor people of Nigeria?


Emotion is always a bad premise upon which to base a judgement. A serious judgement requires serious thinking if the purpose is to arrive at a reasoned solution.

England, and for that matter Great Britain, is being brought to its knees. The standards and ability of this exceptional island people that made possible the remarkable historical achievements of England, and its partners Scotland and Wales, and put the Great into Britain, are the envy of the world, yet they are being allowed to be destroyed because there isn't ONE politician that will stand-up in Parliament and speak out for the people that elected him to safeguard our heritage, and defend that which is quintessential English.

It is well known that when in the past this country came under serious threat from much bigger warring nations there stepped-out from the shadows the man of the hour to save the country. Where is that person today? He or she is nowhere to be found.


Because of the ludicrous political correctness of today the understanding of Emerson 161 years ago when he said,

"'It is in bad taste, are the most powerful of word an Englishman can pronounce,"

has an even more powerful meaning in these modern times.

Nowadays to speak the truth is often regarded as being in bad taste, and defamatory to a minority. This is utter rubbish! For the truth to be effective it sometimes has to sound harsh.

England, and those of us who have pride in being English are under serious threat. That which dictator's intent upon conquering the world and crushing democracy failed to do with mighty armies because of the winning resistance of the British people there is a serious threat that now, by insidious stealth methods, that which is England will cease to exist because of ludicrous political correctness.

Unless history is once again repeated, with urgency, and the man of the hour appears from out of the shadows then the future of Merrie England, and Great Britain, that earned the general respect of the entire world, and for which we have a heavy responsibility to safeguard for future generations, is under a dire threat of extinction by marauders.

A pint pot is made to hold a pint. A half-pint is only able to hold half of that amount, and that is the maximum content.

In heart the people that with pride salute the ensign cross of St. George are towering giants.

In a size comparison with most other countries of the world the country that is England is a half-pint.