Sunday, 30 December 2001


A 2002 Echo Of The Late John Lennon

IMAGINE the New Year to be one of blessed peace, and the year when the good people of this world immobilize the evil forces that threaten our peace and safety.

IMAGINE 'Shalom' the Hebrew word that loosely means peace and goodwill becoming the 'buzz' word of 2002, and is especially extended to all Palestinians by the State of Israel.

IMAGINE that the suicide bomber is blessed with the commonsense to realise that the absurd promise of martyrdom and eternity in paradise at the cost of death and the maiming of innocent people, could never have been the word of God no matter whomsoever preaches such a false and fraudulent lie.

IMAGINE the politicians and warlords responsible for governing the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, finding the route to the middle road, and allowing words to resolve their ancient differences, and thereby make redundant the bombs, carnage and atrocities.

IMAGINE the corpse that is the United Nations be given energetic life to banish corrupt dictators in the Third World, and that the generous aid made available to Third World countries is used for the purpose it is meant, which is to alleviate some of the suffering of the people of these stricken countries, and not be a regular bonanza payday for corrupt rulers.

IMAGINE one, just one, African country bringing forth a state leader that is truly a statesman, and who shows the correct way to govern by the use of positive action, and scorns rhetoric. That through self-help the terrible human suffering caused by hunger and dire poverty for so many lost souls, who barely eke out an existence on this vast continent, is no longer real, and becomes only an atrocious dark memory.

IMAGINE those in power in Pakistan and in India that are rattling the sabres of war ceasing their crazy warmongering, and instead give thought and financial priority to silencing the cries of starving people by making food reasonably plentiful, and to alleviate the dreadful destructive forces of nature that regularly cause such desolation and human suffering in these two stricken countries.

IMAGINE the sabre-rattlers in these two countries who now have the enormous added responsibility of being in possession of the nuclear bomb, sitting together and allowing a smoking pipe of peace to be the instrument to settle their differences, and not nuclear explosions that will leave devastated smoke-filled killing fields of millions of charred innocent bodies.

IMAGINE for those cursed by injustice, and forced to be incarcerated under false pretences being witness to justice being seen to be done by the unshackling of the chains and locks that bar them from their right to precious freedom, and loved ones.

When The Cause Is Right

The late John Lennon said, "It is easy if you try", and he was right.

It may not always be easy for politicians and warlords to try and do that which is best for their people. Sometimes it is even harder for them to succeed, but it is certainly possible if they are so minded. There is no limit to that which goodwill and determination is able to achieve when the cause is right.


The mightiest of all forces in any country is the people. Politicians and warlords deny this fact at their peril. History is littered with the ignominious failure of those who have sat in the highchair of power and chose to ignore the truth of the perpetration of this act.

A Happy New Year To All Good People Everywhere.