Thursday, 13th December 2001

When Heartless Torturers Would Have Been Made To Suffer

The Madness of Political Correctness

The amount of inquiries from people seeking my viewpoint on the dreadful story of the tortured life of little eight-year-old Victoria Climbie who, died and was found to have 128 injuries, has been staggering.

Many of the inquirers have asked me what will be the fate in prison of Victoria's wicked great-aunt Marie-Therese Kuoao and her boyfriend, Carl Manning?

I can't speak from an official point of view because the treatment that they receive will be determined by the attitude of the governor of the prison in which they are incarcerated, the chief officer and the officers under his command.

Their fate at the hands of the prisoners will depend on the prison in which they are incarcerated.

The evil great-aunt will have many determined women prisoners anxious to get their hands on her in Holloway, and the very first time she is left unguarded she will feel the full force of very, very angry women; and there will be many repeat performances.

The boyfriend of the great-aunt, scumbag Carl Manning will have to look over his shoulder for the whole time he is in prison.


When I was a 'guest' of Her Majesty had he come into a prison where I was detained, I don't hesitate to tell you that I would have been waiting for him. No matter how secure the official protection he might have been given, I would have got to him.

Had it not been possible for me to physically hurt him, I would have found a subtler alternative. Maybe it would have been via his food, medication, workshop accidents, bath time or any other opportunity that might present itself. I am able to assure you that he would have been 'copped for'.

He would have been the sole target. Any other slag deserving violent retribution would have been given a respite, and I would not have stopped until rough justice had been served. Every decent 'con' would have been united in making certain that the scumbag felt some of the pain and punishment that he had inflicted, and allowed to be inflicted, on a defenceless child.

I would also have made sure that the scumbag Manning would have also endured a life of mental torture. Each minute of his every day would have been lived in fear that more violent retribution was awaiting him. His life would have been a misery, and he would have learnt at first hand just a little of the terrible persecution he was responsible for imposing on a trusting child.

Every other prisoner would have been barred from associating with the scumbag, and the first one to break this rule would have had cause to regret his defiance. Like, very often, does attract like so anyone in prison ignoring the message to ostracise the scumbag had, in my book, to be a sympathiser in the torture of little Victoria.

No fellow scumbag would have been allowed to enjoy the perverted pleasure of hearing Manning describing his stomach-churning accounts of his appalling abuse of a child whose naiveté and trust in adults would have been part of her charm and personality.

The clear message would have been relayed that any prison officer who may have gained a perverted pleasure by listening to the tales of torture on a child would have also been told that they too would pay a heavy price.


I will make no apology for my forthright condemnation of Kuoao and Manning, and the violent punishment that I would have been willing to see them endure.

There is a time and a place for everything, and the opportunity to reform should be given to every person to move away from a life of crime. Humane treatment by the authorities for all prisoners has to be a civilised guarantee in a democratic society.

In my view for garbage like Kuoao and Manning there is no time and place for sympathetic treatment, and you cannot reform personified evil. There has to be a modicum of a redeeming feature in a person to allow reform to succeed.

You may depend that when the infant Victoria Climbie died the authorities sought every escape route possible to avoid being exposed. The vile Kuoao and Manning would have been given every possible opportunity to explain away their heinous behaviour due to a mental disorder or any other reason that would allow the full extent of their crimes to be mitigated, and if necessary used as a disguise, to hide the full extent of their revolting crimes.

The reason for this is solely self-preservation for the culpable authorities. If by doing this it would allow a false excuse to be made for the loathsome Kuoao and Manning, and they escaped natural justice then that would have been acceptable.

Fortunately this conspiracy was thwarted because there was not the slightest medical or other reason that could be found, and if necessary untruthfully enlarged out of all proportion, to explain away their repulsive crimes.

The only explanation for the cruelty and viciousness of the odious murderers of poor little Victoria had to be that they were totally demoniac trash.

Sadly today whilst there are still good people in prison serving time who will be anxious to get their hands on the scumbag Manning it will not be with the force that it was during the periods when I was incarcerated. This is the modern selfish attitude that prevails in all levels of society.


Whilst the heartless great-aunt Kuoao and the scumbag Manning were the actual violent murderers of the child Victoria, the reason they were able to carry-out their sickening torture on little Victoria was due to political correctness.

A child was made to suffer appalling torture, violence and degradation, including sexual abuse, because political correctness was the priority of those who are paid to ensure that children are not vilified.

This political madness is fully responsible for allowing the horrifying agony suffered by an inexperienced child to be spread over such a long period, and meant that the child had to die before totally incompetent social workers employed by equally incompetent people in Harringey Council plus inadequate police and doctors realised that Victoria had been brutally tortured, sexually abused and finally murdered.

Because of a fatuous political priority a child was forced to suffer the pain and suffering of 128 injuries, and have unspeakable torture inflicted upon her in modern England over a long period while a file was in force that had been opened by the Child Protection office.

Are those responsible for allowing this outrage real people?I believe they are not, and that they are totally unreal.

Child protection workers opened a file on Victoria Climbie in July 1999.

Angella Mairs, a social work manager, denied that the file had been closed. She has now changed her mind and admitted that on the morning of the 25th of February, 2000 she closed it with the endorsement that no further action needed to be taken.

It was a relatively small file, enclosed in a brown cardboard cover that is a pitiful record of how those responsible in social services, the police and members of the medical profession were blind to the terrible plight of an eight-year-old child being tortured to death.


The public inquiry in London, which is led by Lord Laming and will involve the examination of 232 witnesses, is approaching its 11th week. The original time schedule was that the inquiry would end before the Christmas recess. However it now appears that it will not be completed until January at the earliest.

The cause of this is believed to be the 'totally unacceptable' obstruction the inquiry team has faced from Harringey the London borough that failed to protect the defenceless and innocent Victoria from two sadistic and murdering bastards.

Last week Lord Laming was forced to issue a summons to Haringey Council's director of social services, Anne Bristow, to compel her to make an appearance in front of the inquiry team.

As the conflicting evidence is unfolded the disclosures of chaos practiced by social workers, and lack of proper resources prevalent in the North Tottenham office becomes frightening.

On Friday, Angella Mairs denied evidence given by one of her colleagues that, when Angella Mairs heard Victoria was dead, she tore- up the page, which showed she had closed the case, and said, 'Let's get rid of this.'

Cross-examined by Neil Garnham QC, Mairs admitted that no one had even read through Victoria's file. She herself had never opened it and had spent 'five to 10 minutes' in 10 months discussing the case with Victoria's social worker, the relatively inexperienced Lisa Arthurworrey.

This begs the question that if someone had done their job properly and read the file would Victoria might be alive today?

I have no doubt that she would.

Mairs admitted to the inquiry that she had no idea that Victoria had reported sexual abuse, that Victoria had never been in school, or that a hospital doctor had expressed extreme concern over her condition. She said that the lack of action taken in the case could well have been a disciplinary matter for Arthurworrey - but she never questioned her at the time.

Then there is Carole Baptiste, Arthurworrey's original supervisor, whose own child was removed from her care after being found in a 'state of distress' shortly before Victoria died.

This week the alleged born-again Christian, Baptiste - who has been accused of using case conferences to spread the word of God - is due to appear at Camberwell magistrates' court, as a result of her repeated failure to present herself to the inquiry despite being ordered to do so by Lord Laming. If she fails to appear before the court, she will be jailed.

Baptiste is said to have been frequently absent from the office. It was left to Mairs to stand-in for Batiste and to assume responsibility for 16 social workers, to double her proposed workload. Among the 16 social workers was Arthurworrey.


A leaked internal memo from Haringey Council said: "If Arthurworrey had had a different manager and in a more stable period in the department's history, this tragedy would not have occurred."

Lee Jasper, the race adviser to London Mayor Ken Livingstone, told The Observer that he believed the black community and black churches in London should also be looking to take some of the blame.

"There is a great question here to the black community,'" he said. "That child was part of their community, in their church. There was blatant child abuse going on, and there was no challenge to that family and no approach to the authorities."

The parents of Victoria, Berthe and Francis Climbie have travelled from their Ivory Coast home to sit, day after day, listening to the evidence. Of course there is sorrow for these two people. However I don't know how Ivory Coast parents tend their children but I do know how London, and for that matter English parents, that I know, care for their children.

None would consider sending their child to a foreign country thousands of miles away - even under the care of a great-aunt and not find the money for one parent, at least, to travel and make sure their child was safe and happy.

Every 'cockney' mother, in particular, that I know would not have rested until she had visited her child and been totally satisfied that her child was being well looked after.

If finding the money to travel was an impossible task, and the child had travelled to a foreign country where there was an English community then I am sure a 'cockney' mum would have found a way to locate a responsible person in that community and arranged to have her child visited.

The resources of good parents know no bounds, and often are quite remarkable.