Monday, 3rd December 2001

MICHAEL BIGGS - The Shame Of The Faceless Civil Servants

Home Secretary David Blunkett has allowed the faceless mandarins at the Home Office to bring disgrace upon the English attitude towards compassion and fairness, and for the whole world to witness a heartless act that will shock all right-minded people.

That fine young man Michael Biggs, the son of train robber and Englishman Ronnie Biggs, has lost his appeal against a Home Office decision to refuse him leave to stay indefinitely in the United Kingdom.

When 27 year old Michael arrived in London with his seriously ill father in May this year, he was told he could stay in the UK for just six months.

Immediately upon his arrival at Heathrow a frail 72-years-old Ronnie Biggs was callously sped to incarceration in a prison infirmary. Since that time Ronnie has had to make urgent lifesaving journeys to an outside hospital for treatment.


Michael was born in Brazil when his father was a fugitive from the injustice of a sentence of an unprecedented 30 years in jail for robbing a train of money albeit a substantial amount.

His appeal under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act to stay in this country was heard by an immigration adjudicator on Thursday.

Michael told this adjudicator that he wished to stay in this country to be near his dangerously ill father.

He was the only person who could really understand his father, who has suffered a number of strokes and is only able to verbally communicate with grunts.

He clearly made the point that his father's fragile health would suffer even more if Michael were forced out of this country.

Biggs Jnr. explained that he has a house, career and family in Brazil, and had spent two years nursing his ailing father before Ronnie Biggs decided he wanted to return to his homeland to die.

This meant that Michael had to suspend his career, and leave his family in Brazil to travel to England with his father.

It may come as a complete surprise to the mandarins at the Home Office but there do remain sons of English fathers who are devoted to their parents.

However the immigration appointed adjudicator, and his 'Taliban' colleagues, found a legal technical point.

It was that because his father never married his mother, a Brazilian Raimunda Rothen Michael does not qualify for citizenship of this country.


This means that because a piece of paper is not available that states that Ronnie and Raimunda are technically legal partners in marriage, is just cause for Michael to be denied his natural right to become an English citizen.

This is 2001 when Judges at the Royal Courts of Justice of England regularly make sensible legal provision for partners that have not married, and for the children of such liaisons.

If there is a bastard it is not Michael Biggs, and bastard needs to be in the plural.

This smug civil servant adjudicator said that there was nothing to stop Michael Biggs leaving the country after the expiry of his six months visa, and then making a fresh application to return to this country.

Michael would be a fool if he trusted the word of any faceless civil servants and fortunately he is nobody's fool.


To people who have not met Michael Biggs let me assure you he is a fine young man that would make any parent proud. His devotion to his father in action speaks louder than any character witness, and is undeniable evidence of his good character.

To now force him away from his regular vigil at the bedside of his seriously ill father is an act of inhumanity that would not disgrace the Taliban.

I often wonder what is happening to this Country?

Illegal immigrants are flooding into this country through the Channel Tunnel, on boats, aeroplanes, lorries and other means of conveyance, and the immigration officials appear powerless, or pretend to be powerless, to stop this flood.

In North London a Muslim Mullah who is wanted in Jordan for terrorist bombings is allowed to stay in this country, and is now suing, on legal aid, HM Government for the right to draw Welfare Benefits amounting to hundreds of pounds each month, despite 180,000 pounds was found in his house that he had never declared to the Benefit's Office.

In North London a Rwandan wanted for genocide is given safe haven.

General Pinochet of Argentina who was accused of mass killings was placed in costly luxury surrounding while it was decided that he was too ill to stand trial.

In many other parts of the country people wanted in other countries for the most serious of crimes against their own people for dirty political reasons are given sanctuary.

Almost all of these fugitives have the blood of innocent people on their hands, yet are allowed to stay in this country and given priority housing, money to furnish their new English homes, weekly benefit payments, and other costly charitable handouts.


Yet Michael Biggs, an upstanding young man, and whose only 'crime' is to dearly love his father, a man who showed that he is a true Englishman by deciding he wanted to die on English soil.

Michael is not asking for charity handouts but is seeking charitable reasoning.

This young man is a direct descendant of an Englishman yet he is being forced to leave this country while those who kill and maim for political reasons are cosseted and allowed to remain as parasites on the generosity of English people.

Who is responsible for this madness? Why, why, why is it allowed to happen In the name of the good people of England?

Where are the organised protesters who regularly turn out en masse to protest when foreigners with no blood ties scorn the rules and are ordered to leave the country?

If these protesters are genuine seekers of justice, and not political troublemakers why are they not outside the Home Office now seeking justice for Michael Biggs?


The Criminal Cases review Board is currently reviewing the length of the 30 years sentence imposed on Ronnie Biggs for the 2.6 million robbery on the Glasgow to London mail train.

The mere fact that the sentence is under review is a clear indication that it was a savage sentence and therefore unjust.

In the meantime the people's Home Secretary Blunkett has to intervene and stop England being seen by the rest of the world as callous and inhumane.

By an overwhelming majority real English people are generous and fair. It is grossly inequitable that bloody-minded civil servants should be allowed to misrepresent the majority of the people of this country by being seen to the outside world as being cold-hearted and uncaring.

Unless Home Secretary Blunkett intervenes and shows compassion what right does England have to dictate to others the meaning of the words justice and democracy?

Michael Biggs is the son of an Englishman. Therefore he has a just right to English citizenship.