Wednesday, 14th November 2001

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The Winning Team

The adage, 'It's an ill wind that blows no good' has been given greater resonance since Tragic Tuesday, the 11th of September, when religious fanatics decided to target America in their attack upon civilisation.

From great sorrow and devastation that left America momentarily as naked and profusely bleeding as the rape of Pearl Harbour on the 7th of December. 1941 by the Japanese, there has risen from the ashes of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon a resolve by the civilised nations that lunatic fringes are a menace that must never be allowed to become a threat to a way of life enjoyed by the democratic countries of the world and, which has taken centuries to evolve from barbarism.

The lifestyle devised by people in the free world has a serious downside, and would be made much better with more tolerance and a lot less greed, but in comparison to the alternative imposed upon the people of countries ruled by the iron fists of dictators, it is a version of Shangri-La albeit a warped adaptation.

The murderous attack on humankind in New York and Washington by fanatics made crazy by their false interpretation of religious celestial wisdom was callous, cold blooded, and totally without regard for God given human life.

It is a contradiction in terms, but asinine degenerates who have an intellect in keeping with the new Millennium, but espouse an ideology of an ancient world, savagely trashed respect for innocent human beings on Tragic Tuesday, and caused mayhem that threatened every man, woman and child in the free world - and beyond.


However a warmer breeze of hope for the future of civilisation has followed the ice-cold wind that brought with it an ocean of sorrowful tears.

Following Tragic Tuesday stunned freethinking people rebelled, and their leaders reacted correctly. As a result of this terrible threat to civilisation caused by apathy, and failure to recognise that fanaticism is a danger to world peace will now be addressed.

The timing of the strike against America was ill advised. George Bush, a political hard man, had just been elected President of the United States, and had brought with him an outstanding team of advisors.

A natural partner for the Bush administration in a time of crisis was Tony Blair the elected leader of the British people. To describe this as a partnership made in Heaven may not be an over-description.

No matter what your views may be on the Taliban vs. the Civilised World conflict there should be no doubt that the combination of President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair is a lethal force.

It is a mixture of force and tolerance that is deadly to an enemy.

George Bush is a president that is fully aware of the enormous power he controls as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

He is a man that is totally committed to ensuring that the rest of the world has to clearly understand that he will prove that might is right to any disbeliever that may attempt to challenge the awesome power of the United States.

For those who decide to challenge this terrifying firepower then President Bush wants it to be known by all and sundry that they will get burnt, incinerated is a probably a more accurate description.


Compromise is not in the Bush dictionary.

His answer to any challenge to this firepower is, to use colloquialism, 'OK, let's step outside and decide who is right, and who is wrong.'

Despite being the son of a former USA president, George Bush Jnr., is a natural street fighter. He will give no quarter and ask for no quarter. The Queensberry Rules will when necessary be lost in enforced amnesia.

Tony Blair is very different. He is the stand-up skilful boxer. He waits for the bell to ring before easing himself into trading blows. He is a natural respecter of the Queensberry Rules.

When an opponent is down President Bush will keep him there permanently if necessary, by the use of any means at his disposal.

Prime Minister Blair has a different perspective. When he floors his opponent he will go to a neutral corner, and allow the referee to commence the count, and will only box on when told to do so by the referee.

In the very serious matter of world politics either attitude in isolation is flawed. By fusing the two together the combination becomes unbeatable.

It is like Mike Tyson having the majesty of Joe Louis. Both these two superb fighters would have been even greater had their outstanding assets been combined together.

There is no doubt that the Bush and Blair post-Tragic Tuesday handling of the declaration of war on civilisation by the religious fanatics has been extremely well handled.


Courtesy has been extended to the leaders of every country that has a connection with the combatants in the war. Tony Blair has become the ambassador of the free world, and has proved an outstanding diplomat.

He has become a worldwide charismatic figure. His looks, dress sense and engaging personality have been used with full effect. His work rate has been astonishing, and much admired. He is the nearest to a peace time Statesman this country has seen for centuries.

I take pleasure in respectfully thanking the Prime Minister for his superb efforts to achieve peace, and safeguard the lives and liberty of the children of the free world.

The Syrian president no doubt believed that he was choosing his opponent well when he decided to abuse for political reasons the good intentions of Tony Blair when they met recently in Syria.

However, the British Prime Minister turned the other cheek, and this could not have been easy for a man who does not have an outward personality as a firebrand, but is no pushover.

He graciously gave precedence to his obligations to democracy, and used calm and cool dignity to become the winner as the Syrian president continued his below-the-belt politicking.

This was the Blair surface persona but on close observation there is little doubt in my mind that his body language indicated that simmering below the surface was the natural retaliatory reaction of a boxer.

It is to the credit of Prime Minister Blair that he chose the other alternative available to a boxer, which is self-defence. The present most senior of British politicians did this by keeping a still tongue.

Had George Bush been singled-out to be the butt of political gain by the Syrian president the reaction would have been very different. He would have left the podium early with his anger completely undisguised, and his choice of language would have probably been very coarse, but understandable.


The war declared by Usama Bin Laden and the Taliban on civilisation is not over.

Unfortunately, more lives have yet to be lost, more heartbreak and rivers of tears will be shed, but it is the beginning of the end.

An Allies ring of steel will eventually corral the Taliban and its forces, and ultimately they will be forced into submission.

In a boxing ring there is no place to hide. This philosophy will be applied to Afghanistan, and any other country to where the Taliban may try to desert.

There will be no significant hiding places.

When the Taliban and Usama Bin Laden are finally completely broken then the lesson will not be lost on any other who may wish to rule planet earth by perverted idealism and dictatorial force.

There is apparently a dilemma as to who should rule Afghanistan when the Taliban are removed?

This responsibility should be undertaken by the United Nations. The cost of the United Nations is stupendous, and what is it that they do that makes this heavy cost burden of value to the free world?

When civilisation was attacked where was the leadership from the United Nations; where was the condemnation and support for freedom; where was the infrastructure to deal with such outbreaks of war, and abort the escalation of the fighting?

They were nowhere to be seen.

Once again the United Nations had proved to be impotent, and without any political means of stopping the vicious violence of war.

However, this incompetent organisation could be made to supply the solution to the Afghanistan problem when the Taliban are finally banished.

Most countries are likened to that of limited company's, or as the American prefer corporations. The comparison is reasonably correct.

In commerce when a company gets into financial and trading difficulties, which Afghanistan is undoubtedly in, and is faced with trading whilst insolvent, Receivers are appointed to administrate the company until the company is in a fit commercial state to continue successful trading or be put into bankruptcy. The main purpose of this is to safeguard the interests of shareholders and personnel employed by the company.

The shareholders and personnel in a country are its citizen.


Therefore my recommendation is that a consortium should be formed from the Arab states under the aegis of an independent chairman, chief executive officer, and finance director to administrate the country until Afghanistan is in a position to hold democratic elections, and be eased into a self-governing position.

There should be no handouts from the West for Afghanistan.

The West should step aside, and allow wealthy Muslim countries to supply the financial resources needed to rebuild the country. The West will have fulfilled any obligations it may be deemed to have had by freeing Afghanistan from tyranny.

The cost of ridding the country of tyranny will have been paid for by Western and Muslim lives and massive amounts of money spent by the West.

It should now be the turn of others to replace rhetoric with hard cash, and visible action.

Wealthy Muslim states should temporarily forego building man-made oases, cosmetic man-made landscape vistas with flowing streams, and building beautiful palaces for its rulers, but instead should build granaries and practical housing for the people of Afghanistan.

The commercial resources of Afghanistan should be developed to ensure a regular cash flow of revenue.

An agriculture and livestock husbandry programme should be devised to allow Afghanistan to have self-sufficient long-term supplies of food for its people.

Poverty has to be replaced by practical promise; hunger replaced by inspiring hope; war on Muslim by Muslim replaced by war on want; food must replace firepower. Only when this is achieved will Afghanistan be truly liberated.

With these essential requirements in place then the future of Afghanistan may then be assured.

The future of war-torn Afghanistan, and tomorrow's replacement to Afghanistan, may best be described by the poetic prose of Saint-Exupery in Flight to Arras (1942):

"The wind in the grain is the caress to the spouse. It is the hand of peace stroking her hair."