Tuesday, 30th October 2001

The Kid Killers

In my Viewpoint A WARNING TODAY FOR TOMORROW dated Thursday, December 9th, 1999 I warned that it is a proven fact anything good or bad that proves popular in the United Stated usually eventually finds it way to our shores, often several years later.

I highlighted the danger to the people of this country to the violent dark clouds that represent the street gangs of children and teenagers, and hover over the streets of many towns and cities of America bringing terror to the residents in these areas.

These violent dark clouds are on course for this country, and unless appropriate action is taken to disperse them they may settle over the vulnerable towns and cities of the UK, and be responsible for bloodshed and terrible fear to decent people.

If the ill-advised manner in which the police are presently dealing with street crime and social disturbances is indicative of their ability, then they cannot be relied upon to deal with this very dangerous threat to the lives of ordinary people.

With this knowledge aforethought if the street gangs are allowed to gain strength and become organised, it will serve no purpose to blame the police.

Steps must now be taken by the Home Office to make child and teenage street gangs redundant before it is too late.

It has been brought to my attention that youngsters are being recruited as 'hit men' in the crack cocaine wars that are spilling out onto the streets of this country.

Academic David Clark at Teeside University in the North-East of England and an expert on black-on-black crime agrees and says, "There is intelligence to suggest that very young people are being recruited to engage in this kind of activity.

"The crack cocaine industry is controlled by evil people who will resort to any means to better their economic interests, and will use boys of 14 years."

This is a dreadful situation and comes from an academic who has made a study of the problem, and is an expert on the subject. It has to be respected.

It has been confirmed to me that kids are being paid £7,000 to shoot a targeted person, and £10,000 for a shot to the head that kills.

Using drugs as currency, and the wiping out of old debts incurred through the non-payment for drugs supplied to the youngsters are just two methods of payment.

The Scorpion Syndrome

However, for the kids recruited it is the Scorpion syndrome.

The predators deliberately look out for the extrovert 'Jack-The-Lad' type of youngster at gatherings where young people are predominant. It is at these house parties or nightclub events, legal or otherwise, that the predators set their traps.

With his trimmings of wealth such as gold rings and chains, fashionable clothes, an expensive car with ghetto blasters that really blast, a kid is, understandably, overwhelmed when a generous 'big-time dude' approaches him, and befriends him with drinks, drugs and money.

Overwhelmed by this form of lavish treatment a kid could be excused for believing that he is important. He feels privileged, and believes he has made it into the big-time.

The predator then strikes, and using black street-speak says to the kid, " I need a man I can trust to do a bit of 'juggling' for me."

The predator then flashes a large roll of currency notes, free drugs, and adds: "I pay well." The kid is mesmerised. He can't believe how important he has become. His big 'hero' needs his, the kid's help. The youngster's head is sent spinning.

An alternative ploy is to give a kid more drugs than he is able to sell, and the immature youngster cannot resist disposing of the unsold drugs either through personal use or the expression of bravado in giving free amounts to his friends.

When payment day arrives the kid has no other means of getting the money to meet his debt. The kid-trap springs, and the youngster is trapped.

Violent or psychological pressure is then applied and the terrified kid is then told he can clear the debt by shooting a person he may not even know, and is given a loaded gun to carry out the deadly task.

When the kid shoots someone he immediately becomes a target himself, and will live in fear of reprisal from his victim's fellow gang members threatening to take their revenge, and they will exact revenge if it is only a kid they have to eliminate.

There is also the danger of a very different kind from the police murder squad who will be anxious to be seen to be doing their job. Who in his right mind would be surprised if a kid of fourteen failed to stand up to intensive professional police interrogation and named names?

So the kid's master who gave him the commission plays safe, and puts into effect the old cliché except there is a sinister one change in the wording and it is now: 'Dead kids tell no tales."

The kids that escape the Scorpion's sting will have gained prestige, and they find it easy to persuade other kids to join them. The new recruits in turn, recruit other kids as 'soldiers'. It is a similar situation formula as the forbidden pyramid selling.

This is one way that street gangs are organised.

The Ultimate Insult

Over the years I have dealt with some of the top Mafia bosses, and the crime bosses of European countries, and elsewhere, but never, I repeat never, have I been insulted by anything remotely resembling a request to recruit children for the commission of a minor crime, let alone murder.

I am certain that these crime bosses would have been as seriously angry as me had any one made a similar vile suggestion to them.

Had any piece of filth dared to make such a suggestion to me, it is likely that I would have been the last person he spoke to on this earth; if it had not been that final then I most certainly would have been the final person with whom he made such a despicable offer before he was taken into the intensive care ward of a hospital.

If that makes me a bad person then so be it, but every respected villain I know would have reacted likewise so I am in good company.

To attempt to describe the sleazebags that are able to recruit kids for the purpose of crime I would need to use the foulest language ­ and even that would be totally inadequate. They are a disgrace to the human race, and need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

If I know of these terrible misdeeds how come the authorities appear not to know? I don't have access to sophisticated, and the best available hi-tech surveillance, powerful listening devices, and unlimited manpower that law enforcement forces have at their disposal. I just have contacts and ears.

For the authorities to bury their heads in the sand and ignore this very grave threat to children is an affront of the worst kind to everything that we believe to be decent.

The parents of these vulnerable children must be beside themselves with grief when the too awful to contemplate shock news is broken to them that their kids are either in police custody on very serious charges, maybe murder, have become a murder victim or are missing never to be found.

All their dreams of their children achieving a status in society that was denied to the parents are now mere memories. The real depth of their despair can only be fully understood by a parent struck by this painful beyond words personal tragedy.

Community leaders should be the first in line to seek out the sleazebags who use children as killers or any other criminal activity, and they need to become the predators of these odious exploitative scumbags that prey on vulnerable kids.

By way of a change community leaders need to tell their constituents not that they want to hear, but that which they have to hear.
To fail to do so will reveal that they may be able to make a lot of verbal noise but have no essential priorities, and are nothing better than political window dressers.

If such a diabolical situation occurred in the Jewish community or any other well-managed community make no mistake their leaders would act immediately, and the problem would quickly become a problem removed.

I respect that acceptance of responsibility.