Monday, 29th October 2001

The Enemy Within

The response I have had to my recommendation that all citizens of this country should sign an Oath of Allegiance Declaration has met with approval wherever I have travelled.

It has been extremely heartening that people of all creeds and colour have voiced their approval. Away from peer pressure these people have confided in me that you cannot live in a country and use, and often abuse, the best that the country is able to offer, and not make a commitment of loyalty.

For a person to live in country of which he has no respect, and is content to merely legally plunder the goodwill and welfare benefits, is to live a life of hypocrisy.

There is no question of doubt that this country is not perfect. The imperfections are wide and varied. Our politicians are in many cases of a low -grade quality, and incapable of representing the people in the manner they deserve.

It is also an absolutely true adage that: 'The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener'. That which may look so much better in countries elsewhere does not in reality always prove to be true.

Nevertheless, if a citizen of a country decides that his future lies elsewhere, which is a reasonable decision, then that person should relocate.

The Stealth War Of Terrorism

We have all heard of the person that sits down to eat and throughout the meal does nothing but complain at the quality and taste of the food and continues the criticisms long after he/she has cleared the plate of every morsel of food.

Because of the stealth war of terrorism it is essential that citizens of any country are made fully aware of the obligations to the country in which they are born into or whose citizenship they have sought and been granted.

To allow citizens to pick and choose when they have to fulfil their loyalty and obligations is ludicrous. This would mean that a ready-made fifth column would always be available for the enemies of the State to call upon.

Even those that wish to retain their cultural identity have to clearly understand that their first obligation is to the country of which they elect to become a citizen.

In this modern society citizenship of country is not a free ride.

A citizen without or worse with dual, or multi, loyalties to a belief is unworthy of citizenship, and any breach of the Oath of Allegiance is a statement that the person guilty of the breach wishes to live elsewhere, and should be helped to fulfil this desire.

Therefore to demand that a citizen fulfils his/her obligations to the Oath of Allegiance is reasonable.

Eliminate Traitors

At the present time The Crown Prosecution Service has under a review a complaint to prosecute hard line British Muslims who have committed themselves to kill British military personnel in Afghanistan who have been deployed to eliminate those responsible for killing nearly 6,000 people in New York.

There surely is no doubt that these treacherous turncoats are guilty of treason.

Therefore, why does the CPS have to consider prosecuting these people for treason? The proof of their guilt is there for all to see. They are traitors.

A defence to the charge of treason that the person charged has a greater obligation to his religious beliefs, or any other belief,belief, is in legal terms without credibility; if only because to allow this to be a defence to the charge of treason would make the crime redundant.

To be fair, it is very unlikely that these hard line Muslims would deny that they would kill a British military recruit in Afghanistan because of their obligation to an over-ridding religious commitment. For them to deny their commitment would make a mockery of their vow as hard line Muslims.

In the last war those who were found guilty of treason were hanged. Probably the most infamous was William Joyce the Nazi broadcaster who was nicknamed 'Lord Haw Haw'. There were also a number of others.

Expert Opinion

Colonel Robert Stewart, the former commander of UN troops in Bosnia, said, "Traitors who fire on British military personnel should face maximum punishment.

"If people take off to Afghanistan and fight against us and kill British soldiers, I cannot see why it should not be called treason?

"They are our armed forces and if citizens of the UK go out to oppose them they should never be allowed back.

"Doing that is as bad as it gets. Let them go but with a warning that they are never coming back.

"People have to understand this threat to our security is as grave as any we've faced since 1940 because the enemy have said they want to annihilate us. Maybe even more so because Hitler only wanted to subjugate us, whereas these people want to kill us."

The FBI estimates up to 1,000 British Muslims have passed through terrorist camps set-up and funded By Usam Bun Laden.

Captured Taliban soldiers are alleged to have said that that British Muslims have been seen in Taliban training camps undergoing battle training.

A number of these recruits are reported to have died as a result of US air raids on military targets in Afghanistan.

Conservative MP Andrew Robathan said, "This is deeply worrying and deeply depressing. In my mind it is akin to treason. I see very little difference between this and going to fight for Hitler in World War 2.

Mr. Iqbal Sacranie of the Muslim Council of Great Britain said: "Many young Muslims feel it is their obligation to fight but we are advising them this is not the case. "If it is found that they have breached the law, then the law should take its course."