Monday, 15th October 2001

An Update on: Terrorism And Tragic Tuesday


An Update on: Terrorism And Tragic Tuesday

Those fine Yorkshire people have an accurate saying: "There's Nowt As Queer As Folk".

The value of this meaningful saying has never been more exemplified by the attitude of those bleating 'kind' hearts who believe that we should not meet fire with fire in ridding the world of the threat to civilisation by those lunatic heretics.

Every bleat of those terribly misguided 'kind' hearts is a blow against commonsense, and puts every man, woman and child living in the free world in mortal danger.

Because of the enormous power of TV and radio, and its tendency to brainwash vulnerable people, extreme care must always be taken by broadcasters to ensure that any arguments put forward by these bleating 'kind' hearts are debated and balanced by correct thinking people.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen and when a minority come into conflict with a major power the modern tendency is to allow the misguided bleating 'kind' hearts a platform to themselves or with a person of like sympathy.

This means that potentially dangerous false propaganda is spewed out to millions of people and thereby without a counter-argument it has a tendency to be accepted by many people as fact.

The attack by religious lunatics on civilisation in America was a declaration of war on every man, woman and child who wishes to live in a civilised world, and does want not to be subjected to an oppressed way of life that is centuries out of date.

However, the contemptible view is being perpetrated that America deserved having something like 6,000 innocent people killed, I repeat something like 6,000 innocent people killed.

This is outrageous and a grave insult to all decent people. It is also a highly prejudiced attitude.

I Never wanted To Be Robin Hood

I believe that people of an adult age have the right to lead their life as it best suits them. If people wish to live in an unreal world of their choosing whether the reason is fantasy or religion then they should be allowed to do so. Always providing that they do not by any means, violent or otherwise, make it a purpose to impose their adopted way of life upon others.

Before I am accused of making a hypocritical statement because of may past life allow me to hastily explain why I am not attempting a simulation of virtue.

There is no doubt that in the past I have led a lawless life.

I had to make my decision to live outside of the law at a time in English history when to be born poor meant you either starved to death or lived a life of total purgatory.

Charles Dickens did not write purely from imagination. Much of the detail on which he wrote was a true way of life for the 19th century. A hundred years later after his novel 'Pickwick Papers' was published his depiction of life in this country was almost unchanged.

In the period when I was growing-up it wasn't just a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It was a time when people that were destitute either endured a living death or died.

When I looked at the dreadful hardship suffered by my Mother and Father who were hardworking, honest, decent people as they desperately struggled to bring up a family of five children, I made a career decision.

This was that I was not going to become a victim of ruthless, greedy people who by mental and physical violence kept control of the populace through politics, financial power, the then media control, and heartless laws that they would corrupt whenever it best suited them.

My options were severely limited. So I rebelled. I became a thief and then a gangster.

It was never my intention to emulate Robin Hood. The truth being that the very limited formal State 'education', more accurately the lack of education, meant I had never made the acquaintance of good ol' Robin and his merry men. He was a character in books and my parents could never afford books, and even books at my school were extremely scarce.

Nevertheless, when I was able to do so I did my best to help my family, and friends.

When Charity Has To Begin

I believed, and still so believe, that charity begins at home. Because of the dire straits in which I was I was brought up any help that I was able to give was restricted to people that I knew first-hand were in extreme need of support.

To extend that help to people outside of my self-imposed restricted area would have meant I would have had to neglect friends. That was something I could not do.

Because in the real world where there was hardly any other choice I decided upon the life style I chose. I know it broke both my Mother and Father hearts. But deep down they knew that the alternative that had been enforced upon them was no better.

So I entered the world of gangsters where might was right. I didn't need the help of Einstein to realise that I was by nature severely physically disadvantaged.

With no time lost I was in conflict with men who were much taller, more powerful and outweighed me by several stones.

I have been told I was born without fear. Maybe this is a legacy from my Red Indian heritage. Thus when I was challenged by anyone physically superior to me that which I lacked in size and weight I made up for by sheer force of aggression.

Maybethe opinion of a psychologist would give a different explanation but this would be a generalisation. I speak from personal knowledge.

The equation I made was that my enemy was intent upon seriously hurting me. Do I plead for compassion with a vicious man who is beside himself with uncontrollable anger, and is determined to violently harm me or do I meet ferocity with ferocity?

I knew the first choice was akin to trying to put out a house on fire by spitting on it. So I had Hobson's choice, which is always the easiest of choices.

However, if I was to meet ferocity with ferocity I had to make certain, if I wanted to carry on living, that my ferocity had the most power.

Fortunately for me I succeeded.

Nevertheless, let me make it quite clear I never once misused the power this gave me. Throughout the whole of my career as a gangster I never harmed a man that was not intending to harm me or had caused harm to my family or friends.

You will not find in my lengthy police record one instance where I took a violent liberty on a person that was not a member of the gangster or criminal society.

Business Built On Goodwill

From day one of the incept of our jukebox and fruit machine business we only operated them in clubs and other sites with the full approval of the owner of each establishment.

Every one of our operating sites came by way of an introduction by a mutual friend of the owner of a suitable establishment and ourselves, or at a direct request of the site owners. Neither of my partners or I, nor any employee, made the first approach to any establishment.

We were seen to be more legitimate than most other companies, and there has never been an allegation that was proved to be true that we operated illegally. We paid our taxes and gave work to people, which we were entitled to do.

Everyone of the people that were part of the company stayed loyal, and despite intense pressure from the police they refused to tell lies, and believe me the pressure they were put under was extremely severe. Only good people of strong character were able to withstand this intense pressure

As for abusing women and children that was anathema to me, and my friends. Many of the scumbags that had violated women and children that came into a prison where I was incarcerated, and where there was absolutely no doubt that they were guilty, received proper punishment.

Rough justice? Yes, but very effective and I don't apologise for it.

Remarkably many of those who might condemn me for this method of retribution would probably applaud me if I carried out similar rough justice on a man guilty of destructing a priceless work of art.

This I am unable to understand. My answer to that is that there is no finer work of art than a woman or a child. The fact they are plentiful does not detract from their priceless value.

Back To The Lunatics

This brings me back to those religious lunatics who targeted America.

To further their fanatical beliefs they sacrifice brainwashed Muslim boys and young men to destroy innocent people including children.

There is no cause that justifies such disrespect for human life.

In the recent attack on America where it is believed that 6,000 innocent people were slaughtered. Families were destroyed. Businesses ruined. Some of those killed were incinerated and will never have a proper burial. There will be those who will not be identified.

Many tens of thousands of people, maybe millions, have had their lives ruined by seriously mentally disturbed people posing as men of religion.

There is no known cure for rabies. The people that inflicted this tragedy upon decent people are rabid dogs and there is only one suitable treatment and that is to terminate their ability to cause suffering and mayhem.

It is not often that I agree with Margaret Thatcher but there are times when she is correct. Her statement that Muslim leaders were slow in showing their condemnation of the attack on America and civilisation was fully justified.

The subsequent gathering following her statement of the mega-rich Muslim leaders in Qatar, and their denouncement of the atrocities in America was late, but nevertheless welcome.

That which is not welcome is their rider that should America, and their allies, have evidence that other Muslim States, besides Afghanistan, are involved in terrorist activities against civilisation then the allies must not take action against them.

That is nothing less than an insult to civilisation and, in particular, the American people.

George Bush is the President of the largest and most powerful of all nations, America. He is the leader of a superb political and military team, and it should be clearly recognised that this is a team that will not tolerate being trifled with.

Fortunately the Bush team will do whatever is required of them to safeguard the civilised way of life, their country and their people. By doing this they protect all of us.

Any terrorist organisation that disbelieves this will learn the hard way.

Muslim Leaders Are Inconsistent

To my mind the standards of Muslim leaders are remarkable by their inconsistency.

They have a long-standing enemy in Israel but leave the Palestinians to deal with them in isolation.

They allow Muslim to fight and kill Muslim.

The wealth of most Arab countries is enormous yet they turn a blind-eye to destitute Muslims in Afghanistan, and other countries, that exist in unimaginable conditions of poverty. Many of whom are starving.

Many Muslim leaders preach that Western people are 'infidels', but they accept charity from these 'infidels'.

For over twenty years the Red Cross has been sending aid to Afghanistan. During this period, and much longer, billions of pounds have been spent by Muslims fighting Israel,' and in religious squabbles that have also cost many lives.

When Muslims in Iraq attacked Muslims in Kuwait and threatened Saudi Arabia both countries turned immediately for help to the West, and were given it. This was the cause of the war with Iraq.

In England alone the Taliban alone were found to have £60 million pounds in banks Why didn't international Muslim leaders insist that the benefits from this money, and Taliban money in other foreign banks be used to feed the Afghan Muslim population?

The gift of life is too precious to use as a guided missile and has no place in any conflict, especially a conflict conducted by warlords posing as holy men.

The Muslim leaders demand proof that Usam Bin Laden is guilty of conspiracy to use innocent people to lose their lives as the planes in which they were travelling became weapons of terrible destruction.

If the Muslim leaders are confident that *Usam Bin Laden is a true believer in Islam then why do they not video tape Usam Bin Laden swearing on a genuine Holy Koran that he is innocent of the charge that he was involved in the American atrocities, and then show this video tape to the world via TV?

Surely this would be the most compelling of evidence. They will not do this because, in my view, Usam Bin Laden is guilty as charged.

The extra nastiness of those responsible for the American disaster is that unlike other terrorist organisations they do not own up to their actions.

Every terrorist act of which the IRA was guilty was admitted. They also gave a warning before each attack.

The Silent Conspiracy

Why do Usam Bin Laden and the Taliban hide behind clandestine tactics? If they believe they have acted honestly why is it necessary to deny their complicity?

There are those in the Western world that are willing to deny that people like Usam Bin Laden and his terrorist cohorts should be dealt with by using the weapon of appeasement.

When these same people have to bury their loved ones, if there are intact corpses to bury, or see their children dreadfully disfigured and maimed and have their lives ruined then they will realise that trying to appease lunatic fanatics has the effect of a pea shooter against a machine gun.

When World War 2 was declared Italian good friends of mine, many whom had businesses that were of benefit to the communities like operating cafe's that served good food at low cost and corner shops that seemed to sell everything, were taken from their homes and placed in detention camps (the English authorities called these camps: Detention Centres. In Germany the allies called them Concentration Camps).

The fact that some of these incarcerated Italians had sons serving in the British army, had families to care for, were in good employment, and some had businesses to run meant for nothing.

They were dragged away from their homes as the wives and children were crying and screaming. These people were not fascists but loyal to Britain, yet the seriousness of war meant that no chances could be taken.

Every Muslim in the free world has a duty to isolate terrorists that masquerade under the banner of the Muslim religion. No right-minded person wants to see a decent Muslim suffer because of the evil minds of a minority few.

I have Muslim friends and in no uncertain terms they made it abundantly clear that they were in denial of support for the terrorists. They said as Muslims the Koran does not allow them to take innocent lives.

They apologised for the atrocities in America that were carried out by renegade Muslims, but they would not apologise for being Muslims.

I support this and would lose total respect for them if they had renounced their beliefs merely to suit the occasion.

Prime Minister Blair vs. 'The Vicar'

It is correct for the Conservative and Liberal Democrats opposition to support Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the government, in the fight against those responsible for carrying out the devastation and loss of life in America.

The departure from the ancient cut and thrust political false and negative warfare in the House of Commons is very welcome. The embarrassment of politicians pretending on every occasion that they are truthfully opposing a motion when it is clear that they would like to support it has to stop.

They relegate themselves to counter-punchers waiting for the opponent to make a mistake. There is nothing original about that and, if nothing else, it is boring.

I am of the opinion that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that the old House of Commons routine has passed its sell-by date, and a completely new modern attitude has to become the order of the day.

If it works in a wartime scenario why is not possible for it to be made to work in peacetime for the benefit of all?

The job of H. M. Opposition should be to ensure the government governs efficiently, and that they are not there merely to score cheap points.

Life in the modern world is far too serious for that attitude.

The Prime Minister is an imposing figure without trying to be. He is working tirelessly in the fight against terrorism that threatens civilisation, and is impressive.

However, the new leader of the Conservative Party 'Vicar' Iain Duncan-Smith has the mannerism of a local preacher. He walks like one and addressed the Conservative Party conference as if they were his congregation.

I am sure that 'The Vicar' has political assets but his personality needs to be much stronger and assertive.

It would do no harm to have a right-wing presence in Westminster to create a balance of power. Personally I would not support a right-wing party but if it needs a right-wing voice to ensure a political balance then I would not quarrel with that.

Serious Questions That Need Serious Answers

Before those 'kind' bleating hearts shed more buckets of tears, and vent their anger on innocent American people they would do well to target those that are responsible for allowing the unacceptable hardship that the unfortunate people of Afghanistan are being forced to endure.

The Taliban have banned music, TV and photography. By banning music they have proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they stand-out as a soulless rabble.

New York's outstanding Mayor Guiliano stood no nonsense from a Saudi prince who bad-mouthed America in New York, and gave him short shrift.

The prince realising the he was out of his depth tried to make amends and offered $10 million to the Fund for the Victims of the Attack on America. Mayor Guiliano told him in more polite terms to get lost.

However, this $10 million offer causes me further confusion. With Muslim brothers and sisters dying of starvation in Afghanistan why didn't the Saudi prince send this $10 million to feed his fellow Muslims; and why doesn't every other rich Arab country send $10 million, or more?

The instant cure for poverty and starvation is money. With these tens of millions of dollars, and the probable hundreds of millions of dollars of Taliban money the status of Afghanistan as a pauper country would change overnight, and food would be available for everyone.

Afghanistan has an approximate population of 20 million people. Life expectancy is 44 years for women and 43 for men. The literacy rate is 29 for men. Women are not rated. The growth rate of the country is 3.1%. They export gas, carpets, some rare minerals, animal skins, cotton, wool, opium and cannabis.

They are the largest illegal drug dealers in the world. 90% of the heroin imported into this country comes from Afghanistan. Since 1995 the wealth of the Talibans has soared to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 1998 10,000 people died in the country as a result of earthquakes.

There is no shame in being poor but it is shameful that mega wealthy countries are content to allow people bound to them by strong religious ties to die of hunger when they have the means to spare their fellow religious devotees from living a life of hell on earth.

Another serious question that disturbs me is: What was the cause of the riots by Muslims in Bradford and elsewhere in the North of England?

Was it pure coincidence that those riots took place prior to Tragic Tuesday in America or is there a sinister reason?

In the absence of any formal reason for the riots I don't think it was coincidence. In my view there was a sinister cause, and I am astonished that M16 has not investigated the reason for the riots and made public the results of their investigation.

Riots suggest civil unrest and the people of this country have a right to know the reason why the streets of this country were once again turned into battlefields. If the riots were not due to civil unrest but were due to a conspiracy by evil people then the authorities need to act, and act fast.

While the Taliban bans the language of English in Afghanistan pathetic people in England have banned the singing of the inspirational anthem 'Land Of Hope And Glory' at the Schools Musical Proms to be held at the Royal Albert Hall. These pathetic people are the National Union of Teachers (NUTs).

While two other morons want to replace the wonderful words of the anthem with doggerel.

Have these people no self-esteem and respect for their country, and its heritage? How are we able to expect our children to grow up with pride in their country of birth if their teachers in school have none?

Oh, for the days when such treasonable behaviour would have had the proud Dock workers marching in force. These people were true proud hearts, and no one dared to insult their country or mess with marching Dockers.

Lest We Forget

The final question is: Did all those millions of people die in the last war for no reason?

Democracy is alive today because of the ultimate sacrifices made by good people of this country.

You had to live in the hell days and nights of this wartime period to really understand the terrifying and terrible suffering by the British people to ensure that generations to come throughout the world would be given the opportunity to live in reasonable freedom.

These sacrifices must never be allowed to become a forgotten phase in history by the people of this country or the rest of the world. Had it not been for the courage that went far, far beyond the call of duty by the British people the holocaust may well have become a world-wide epidemic.

.........*The FBI on their wanted posters spells the name Usam Bin Laden in this way.


The True Voice Of Islam

Many so-called Muslim leaders falsely purport to speak for Islam.

These people are religious charlatans who seek to destroy the version of civilisation that is the lifestyle of the majority of the people of the world

This form of civilisation is the best we have arrived out after 2,000 years. It is not perfect only because people are not perfect.

In comparison to the version that lunatic Muslim fundamentalists are determined to impose upon us it is Shangri-la with human flaws.

The statement of the following highly respected Muslims speak with the true voice of Islam, and it is a terrible pity that the media give far greater publicity to the brimstone and fire of the false Muslim prophets.

Reaction to terrorist outrages in the USA

Riyadh, 11th September 2001

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemned "the inhuman bombings and attacks" which took place today at the two-tower World Trade Centre in Manhattan, New York, and at the Pentagon, Washington D. C., the United States.

An official source said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly condemns such acts, which contravene all religious values and concepts of civilized human behaviour, and extends sincere condolences to the families of the victims, US President George W. Bush and the US people in general.

The source emphasized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's condemnation of terrorism and its constant work with the international community to combat all forms of terrorism.


Jeddah, 17th September, 2001

In a brief to the Saudi Press Agency following the meeting, Dr Fouad Al Farsy, Minister of Information, said the King reconfirmed the Kingdom's condemnation of the inhuman act that had devastated public and government buildings in the US cities of New York and Washington respectively last week.

The King also expressed profound sorrow and condolences to US President, people and relatives and friends of families of the victims who were lost in Tuesdayıs terrorist action, the Minister of Information said and added that such actions were rejected by all religions.

Al Farsy said the Monarch also reiterated the Kingdom's support for and cooperation with the United States in fighting all kinds of terrorism and stressed its rejection of any national who is linked to terrorism.


We Stand With You, America In light of the recent tragic events in the United States, Saudi Arabia has cancelled all of our National Day celebrations scheduled around the world for September 23. We have done this in sympathy for the victims, out of hope for the injured and out of respect for all the people of the United States of America.

As we grieve with you, Saudi Arabia would like every American to know that we condemn these terrorist attacks and seek to bring those responsible to justice.

In addition to the support expressed by Crown Prince Abdullah to President Bush last week, the senior religious and legal scholars of Saudi Arabia have also denounced the barbaric events of September 11.

"The recent developments in the United States constitute a form of injustice that is not tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts."

-Chairman of the Senior Ulema Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Shaikh, 9/15/01

"As a human community we must be vigilant and careful to oppose these pernicious and shameless evils, which are not justified by any sane logic, nor by the religion of Islam."

-Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Shaikh Salih Al-Luheidan, 9/14/01


Saudi Arabia was among the first nations in the world to condemn the terrorist attacks that led to the loss of thousands of innocent lives in the United States. I would like to reiterate this position, and to offer my sympathy to the British people over the loss of hundreds of innocent British lives. Islam is a religion of tolerance and no real Muslim can tolerate such horrendous crimes.


A Message From 'The Greatest'

Muhammad Ali offered this message to people of all religious backgrounds: "Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths."

The three-time heavyweight champion said he was stunned when word of the Sept. 11 attack reached his Michigan home. "It felt like a dream, like a movie," Ali said. "I didn't think it was something that was happening in real life."

Ali, a convert to Islam, and his wife, Lonnie, said they were saddened that some had blamed Islam for the terrorist attacks. "Islam is not a religion of hate," Lonnie and Ali said. "It's a religion of love."