Tuesday, 14 August 2001


The Injustice Of Alleged Justice

English Justice is Under World Scrutiny



The answer to the first question is at no time.

The riposte to question two is in 2001. In the first year of the second Millennium, Michael Biggs, the son of Ronnie Biggs, could play football for England, but is ineligible for a British passport.

The Home Office has advised Michael Biggs, the son of Ronnie Biggs that his visa to stay in this country, and enable him give comfort to his dying father, may not be renewed.

If people with the power to action this abuse of human rights succeed they will firmly position this country at the lowest level of a banana republic dictatorship, and any criticism we make of Human Rights in other countries will be the utterance of hypocrites.

It must not be allowed to happen.

I know Michael Biggs, and he is a fine young man.

To me, Michael Biggs is not a statistic but a young man of which any parent, or grandparent would be proud. He is a son that dearly loves his father, and at his own cost is in this country to attend his father whenever he is needed.

He is not a parasite anxious to live off of the generosity of the country of birth of his father, and grandparents. Instead his only concern is the welfare, and needs of his dying father.

His father robbed a train of money, and was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. The fact that a large amount of money was involved is in no way justification for this outrageous oppressive sentence for the crime of robbery.

Because of the astonishing unjust sentence imposed on The Great Train robbers, Ronnie Biggs escaped and was granted sanctuary in Brazil.

When David Blunkett was appointed as Home Secretary the early indications were that he proposed to be a politician with a genuine purpose to temper justice with mercy.

Sadly, his denial of compassion to allow the train robber, now a very sick man, Ronnie Biggs to spend his probable last days in dignified surroundings under expert care, and which is now compounded by this further arrogant example of denial of consideration to another fellow human being, Ronnie's son indicates that David Blunkett is likely to be yet another figurehead for those faceless civil servants who besmirch the good name of England with their cruel misuse of power.

Justice In Action?

A six months undercover surveillance by Scotland Yard detectives on the so-called 'African Crew' is alleged to have discovered that they were:

  • Fighting for control of the heroin and crack cocaine domination on the streets of this country.
  • In possession of an arsenal of automatic weapons that included a MAC 10 machine pistol with a silencer, that was involved in 17 gun battles, and two 9 mm pistols from Larkhill Army barracks in Wiltshire. One of these guns was linked to the attempted murder of Radio One DJ Tim Westwood in 1999.
  • Were suspected of being involved in five murders and 18 attempted murders.
  • Had formed an international alliance with foreign drug gangs.

The people in the alleged gang appeared at the Old Bailey where the alleged boss was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, a lengthy sentence.

Let me make it quite clear that it was the police, who are responsible for the above quoted allegations, and whether they are true or not I am not in a position to say, nor would I want to comment.

I merely refer to the allegations to highlight the inconsistency in justice and draw attention to the injustice meted out to The Great Train Robbers and to people involved in the ludicrous 'Torture Trial', and other grossly unfair punishments.

The reason that this case received publicity in the Sunday People newspaper was not due to the seriousness of the criminal allegations, but because the alleged boss regularly mixed with Manchester United football players, and holidayed with Sol Campbell, the Arsenal player, in Cyprus.

Had it not been for the connection with the star footballers the publicity would have, probably been relegated to a mere mention in the 'News In Brief' column.

Legal Villainy

How different from the publicity when The Great Train Robbers were arrested. It was national newspaper and TV headlines for months.

Their appearances in court and return to prison were used as a propaganda showpiece cavalcar of police escort cars with screaming sirens being given priority road use.

For the robbery of money, in which an extremely foolish train guard received a single blow, the train robbers were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

When I appeared at the Old Bailey in the 'Torture' Trial with Charles Richardson, and five others to answer make-believe charges made by serial fraudsters with police records, some of which challenged mine in length, and who were instigated to tell outrageous lies by police officers, some of whom later went to jail for long terms for corruption, we were given the same false propaganda treatment, daily newspaper and TV banner headlines, and on journeys to and from court the accompanying cavalcar of siren screaming police cars.

Like the similar treatment meted out the trainer robbers it was all totally unnecessary.

Charlie received 25 years imprisonment, one defendant was acquitted, I received 10 years to run consecutive with a five year sentence that I was serving for an alleged affray, that was in truth an attack on my friends and me, by people armed with guns when we were drinking in a night club, but resulted in one pf the guns used by the attackers being taken from him, and used to shoot him to death.

I was charged with the murder but acquitted. The alleged 'notorious' Richardson gang that 'terrorised' the whole of the UK was reduced to five people in total when one defendant was acquitted. Probably, had there been ten of us we could have taken over the whole of Europe; either that or the mighty continent of Legoland.

You now know why they had to include the word nonsense into the English language.

If we were protection racketeers how come no person from any club where we had our fruit machines and jukeboxes, accused us of this crimes despite heavy pressure from the police to do so?

In fact club owners and managers offered to give evidence for us to deny they were ever threatened or were asked for protection money.

The prosecution knew of this therefore they took great care not to make any allegations against our company that distributed the fruit machines and jukeboxes.

No Richardson 'gang' member turned Queen's Evidence because there was no gang.

Parole Blackmail

I proved in open court that Judge Frederick Lawton QC, who presided over our case, was a liar, and that is the reason that I was given the same 10 years sentence as other co-defendants who had no previous convictions for violence, but one did have a conviction for the 'very serious' offence of stealing a small amount scrap metal when a youngster. How can that with good reason be just?

Judge Lawton thought I would be selfishly grateful for being given the same sentence, and that it would keep me quiet. The man was not only a denier of justice he was also the dreadfully biased son of the notorious prisons governor William Lawton, and had probably never heard of the words 'fair play'. He was also a fool.

By favourably singling me out he strengthened my resolve to fight his disgraceful abuse of power and I have done this in my books, and at every other opportunity. Not once did he ever respond. I was hoping he would sue for libel, but the old reprobate wouldn't take the bait. Either that or he was advised that he would not win.

While serving this 10 years sentence, and the five years for the affray, I received a further 5 years sentence, and serious bodily injuries, for being involved in a riot at Parkhurst Prison that was brought about by the inhumane and violent treatment of prisoners.

Had I not been in prison on the trumped up charges I could not have been involved in the riot.

Because I refused to submit to the parole blackmail terms of admitting crimes I did not commit, I was ineligible for parole and early release Blackmail is usually a nasty crime, and to force innocent people to bow to blackmail merely to have the right of every innocent person to freedom is immoral, and an outrage of the worse kind.

I refused to play their sordid game, and served every day of my aggregate sentences of 20 years - which was really a 30-year prison term.

To describe me as an innocent person, at that time, would be far too generous. Nevertheless, for the purpose of accuracy I was innocent of the charges made against me, and my fellow accused, by serial liars.

Cruel Misuse Of Power

When David Blunkett was appointed as Home Secretary the early indications were that he proposed to be a politician with a genuine purpose to temper justice with mercy.

Sadly, his denial of compassion to allow train robber Ronnie Biggs to die in dignified surroundings, and to Michael Biggs indicates that David Blunkett is likely to be yet another figurehead for those faceless civil servants who besmirch the good name of England with their cruel misuse of power.

I am unable to remember a Home Secretary who was worthy of that very responsible job. Many have appeared to be well chosen but none has fulfilled their obligation of tempering mercy with justice.

SIR DAVID MAXWELL-FYFFE refused clemency for Timothy Evans, a sad illiterate person who was hanged for murder despite very serious doubts regarding his guilt following the discovery of the bodies of his wife and baby at 10, Rillington Place in Notting Hill, London.

Later when Evans was a corpse it was proved that the evil ex-policeman Christie, a lodger in the same house as the Evans family, was a serial killer.

Timothy Evans was granted a posthumous pardon, a valueless consolation.

A movie was made of the film and Richard Attenborough, now Lord Attenborough, played the lead role.

DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, a grandson of the former Prime Minister and notorious philanderer David Lloyd George.

When granddad Lloyd George became involved with a 'loose woman' it caused consternation in the Lloyd George family, and a fierce hatred by the then living relatives of Prime Minister Lloyd George of all so-called 'loose woman. While the old roué Prime Minister had a completely opposite view.

A grandson named after his grandfather David Lloyd George also became a politician, and was given the office of Home Secretary.

When Ruth Ellis shot and killed her unfaithful lover who gave her a very hard time, she appeared at the Old Bailey, and was sentenced to death a mandatory sentence for anyone found guilty of murder at that time.

The clemency appeal of Ruth Ellis landed on the desk of the then Home Secretary grandson David Lloyd George.

Did the memories of the womanising antics of Prime Minister Lloyd George come flooding back, and Home Secretary David Lloyd George have a recall of the trouble that a so-called 'loose woman' had caused his family, and was it this bad memory that caused him to refuse to grant Ruth Ellis a reprieve?

If this was so, then it was a monstrous decision.

Whatever the truth may be of the reason to hang a woman it was diabolically wrong. Ruth Ellis should never have hanged.

Where was the evidence that Ruth Ellis was a 'loose woman', and even if she was such a woman, which she was not, it was a disgrace of the worst kind if the then Home Secretary David Lloyd George used prudish moral reasons to send Ruth Ellis to the gallows?

Wherein lies the truth of such a dreadful story has to be confined to speculation. That which is an absolute fact is that the story of grandson David Lloyd George is little known.

Had Ruth Ellis appeared in a French court the charge of murder would have been treated as a crime of passion, which means that the crime was carried out under severe stress and a disturbed state of mind. The punishment would have been modest.

ROY JENKINS, who was the Home Secretary when we were at the Old Bailey, and is now Lord Jenkins, was believed to be a fair and liberal thinker. I cannot subscribe to that belief.

He must have known that the evidence against us was fantasy. If he didn't then there is a serious flaw in his knowledge of legitimate court evidence, and was unfitted for the position of Home Secretary.

KENNETH CLARKE QC was the Home Secretary who many years, and tears, later mercilessly refused to grant a posthumous pardon to Derek Bentley following a lengthy review of his case for the murder of a policeman a crime of which he was innocent.

Bentley, a young man in his early 20's with a pre teens mental age was hanged for a crime he did not commit, and was later pardoned following decades of campaigning for justice by his devoted sister Iris shortly after she died of cancer.

Not to grant the pardon while Iris was alive was uncivilised, and an act of psychological cruelty that deeply shames the country that is England.

JACK STRAW was the Home Secretary who brutally refused parole to Reggie Kray, who had served two years over his recommended tariff sentence of 30 years for the murder of a drug addict and alcohol abuser fellow gangster, until public pressure demanded compassion. Reggie was only days away from death when he was finally released on parole.

These politicians were deniers of compassion, and the gross errors of judgement of which they were guilty must not be buried in the silent archives. They were responsible for the violation of basic human rights, and the victims paid the most valuable of prices; some with their lives, others with their liberty for many years.

A justice system without compassion makes the word justice redundant, and reduces it a raw jungle system.

If, in the unlikely event the aforementioned politicians who had the power of life and death, were haunted for the rest of their lives for unnecessarily taking the life of a human being then I have no sympathy. They knew exactly the depth of their responsibility, and if in the unlikely event their denial of compassion meant they had to carry this guilt throughout the rest of their of their wretched lives, then I for one have no hypocritical false concern.

In my view each and every one of these politicians abandoned their responsibilities, and sought the easy way out by accepting the pitiless advice of faceless civil servants. Those insidious people greedily covet unnatural power, and treat human beings with contempt.

David or Malevolent Goliath

David Blunkett has a political appointment that gives him serious personal power. If he is truly a man with a conscience he will immediately order Ronnie Biggs to be released from jail and be returned to hospital.

He would then ensure that Michael Biggs is granted a British passport so that this devoted son will be able to use a British passport to come to this country to visit his father, and eventually visit his Father's final resting place whenever he may wish to do so.

Michael will also be in a position to pay homage to his grandparents at their final resting place in England without fear of hindrance from any quarter.

A failure to carry out these two acts of basic kindness will shame us all - and ensure David Blunkett a place among the failed Home Secretary's that have preceded him.

Instead of being unforgiving of Ronnie Biggs for daring to expose to the world the viciousness of The Establishment by escaping from jail, the authorities should be grateful to Brazil for saving them a substantial amount money they would have had to expend keeping Ronnie locked up behind bars in an English jail to serve a monstrously unjust sentence.

If they were people of character they would send a sizeable portion of the money that was saved by prisoner Ronnie Biggs living in Rio, to the Brazilian charity that rescues children for whom a sewer is home, and who live a life of purgatory.

That is what good people would do.

If you agree with my views please email your protest to: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk