Sunday, 29th April 2001

Contempt -The Safest Weapon

Contempt -The Safest Weapon You will have to excuse my two mistakes in the recent article on that scumbag Albert Redding.

The first one is that the often joke Channel 5 programme is not called Hard Men, as I said, but HARD B******S. The second is that during the programme Albert Redding said that when: "I now see him I make a fuss of him".

The best way I can answer this is to say that it is more boll***s.

Do you think that if what Albert Redding is supposed to have done, that is 'KO me with one punch, when I came at him with a knife in the nick', I would keep the respect of good people had I turned the other cheek, and now when I see him I make a fuss of a dirty no-good 'grass' who has worked with the police for years?

I will leave the answer to your good commonsense.

If Albert Redding has any dates, or witnesses, when these fictional events were supposed to have taken place then let him send me the details, and I will put them on this web site.

Ignorant Documentary Makers

The reason that I may make mistakes when I refer to HARD B******S is because I refuse to watch any one of the programme series because they are made by people that have no true knowledge of the underworld. If the makers were not ignorant of the people of the underworld, why would they feature a slag 'grass'?

Therefore, when I refer to a detail in any of the programmes I have to rely upon second-hand information.

At least being ignorant gives the makers of HARD B******S a valid excuse for dressing-up fiction to make it appear as fact.

However, if Channel 5 is content to buy-in programmes made by people who are ignorant of the subject of the programmes, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

Every so often the makers of these cheap and nasty documentaries get lucky, as they did with the programme on Roy Shaw and, so I have been reliably advised, they came up with a worthwhile and factual programme. That is because Roy is the real thing.

'Dirty Bastards'

Channel 5 would get far more respect from people that really know the underworld if when they make programmes on low-life's like Albert Redding they would call the series: DIRTY BASTARDS.

Albert Redding is a pariah to good people in the East End of London, and rightly so.

He is a well known police informer, and to my knowledge was responsible for two young Irish fellow prisoners receiving long terms of prison sentence by swearing their lives away in an outside court, made statements that resulted in members of a good East End family going to prison for long terms, is a man scorned by the people of his own community, and like most police informers telling lies is second nature to him.

I treat people, and programmes on such people, like Albert Redding, with the contempt they deserve. By doing this his evil, lying tongue won't be responsible for putting more people behind bars.