Tuesday, 24 April 2001


They're really coming out of the woodwork. The latest worm to crawl out is Albert Redding, now well known as a notorious 'grass', and a leading candidate for the title of the 'Most Hated Man In The East End'.

In another of those joke Channel 5 programmes entitled 'The Hard Men' he said that when he was in the 'nick' that I came at him with knife, and he hit me on the chin and knocked me out.

Let me tell you straight away that it is all lies. (b*******s) is a more positive description, but I know youngsters 'hit' this web site so I'll keep it decent.

It never took place, and he is insulting people's intelligence by asking them to believe that in a period of 34 years he hasn't mentioned it before.

You have only to ask yourself two questions: if it was true how come no one else has mentioned it, and how come it has never been reported in the press or mentioned in books written by people that really know the underworld?

I can tell you the reason, it is a load of c**p.

The only 'nick' I can remember being in with Redding was Durham, which was not long after I was 'weighed off' in 1967, when I received the 10 'stretch' to run concurrent with the five years I was already serving. I didn't know then he was a 'grass', but then there wasn't much I could have done even had I known because I was only there 4/5 months, and most of this time was spent down the 'chokey' block.

You also have to understand that had I allowed a mug like Redding to humiliate me then I would never have lived it down.

My reputation would have been shattered. Other mugs would have fancied having a pop, and my life would have been a misery.

There were some hard men, some of whom were 'make believe', and some who had big reputations, who fancied 'having me over'.

I treated them all alike, and badly hurt them.

I can honestly tell you that if I had taken a knife out to Redding I would have badly hurt him.

Had I found out later that was a 'grass' I would have made it my business to give him a bad second helping.

Police Informer

You have only my word, that is unless you know people who were away with me in the 'boob' who will confirm that if did have a row with Albert Redding, or any other scumbag like him, had he stepped out on the landing when I was there, he would have immediate shot back into his 'peter' the moment he saw me, and slammed the door.

I have to be honest and tell you I don't know much about Redding, but I do know that he picked a row with two Irish youngsters in the 'nick' and they obliged him, and he gave evidence and swore their lives away.

The youngsters were taken to an outside court, and received long sentences.

I have also found out that he was in a row with a good family from Canning Town in the East End, and again made statements. His statements resulted in people being charged with 'committing an affray', and more people went to prison for a long time.

I now know that he has been a paid informer for many years. He worked with one of the most evil policeman they have ever had in the East End, and they have had more than their share of bad police officers.

Let Redding send me the date when his lie was supposed to have taken place, the prison where it took place, the name of any respected witnesses or people that were in the 'nick' at the time and know that the incident took place.

I will then put it on this web site.

I am having some research done to find out more about this slag Redding, and I will let you know anything that is uncovered.

It's about time Channel 5 employed some decent researchers. If they want to make documentaries on the underworld why don't they keep to the standard of the one that featured Roy Shaw?

There are plenty of good, truthful stories that will make good and interesting documentaries.

They don't need to feature frauds and liars.