Thursday, 29 March 2001

Reggie Kray's Parting Gift
For Shaw - Roy's The Real McCoy

Reggie Kray's Parting Gift

Agatha Christie Would Have Been Proud

So now you all know Reggie Kray murdered Teddy Smith.

How do you know this, well, the media, the police and Uncle Tom Cobley have all identified Teddy Smith as the person that Reggie said on his deathbed was the 'one more' person that he murdered?

Even Nipper' Read, who arrested the Krays, has said the 'second murder victim' of Reggie is probably Teddy Smith.

Well, let me assure everyone that Teddy Smith was not murdered by Reggie, nor anyone else, but is ALIVE and well, - and they are all wrong because you can't be guilty of murdering a man that is alive and kicking.

There were no murderous rows with Teddy Smith and Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

There were rows between Ronnie and Teddy, and they were as regular as rows in the TV programme Eastenders, but they were verbal arguments.

Not a week passed, in he end it was more likely to be that not a day would pass, that Ronnie and Teddy didn't argue, with Ronnie making all sorts of threats that he never intended to keep, no matter what might happen. He had a fond regard for Teddy, and it was mutual.

Their rows were not of the nature that would end in real violence, and if Teddy kept off the scene for a few days the one person that would be most concerned was Ronnie.

Escape To The Sun

However, arguments do cause stress, and it finally became too much for Teddy, who was more highly strung than most, and one day he just packed his bags and headed for the sunshine, and peace and quiet. He is still living in the sunshine where he is hale and hearty

How do I know that he is now alive and well? From two reliable sources.

One of the sources is a long time friend who actually bought the air ticket for Teddy to travel as a going away present. Members of his family recently spent some time with Teddy, and for a 'dead' man he is very active.

By now everyone should know that you shouldn't believe all that you read in newspapers, and a policeman's guess is no more reliable than the guess of any other person.

If you want the news on current affairs you could do worse than 'hit' the BBC online web site.

By the same token if you want the REAL, as opposed to the fantasy, news on the underworld you are presently online with the best source.

Anything on this web site is there because it is a true account of that which happened.

Those of you that know me will also know that I leave the fabrications, guesswork and pretence to the make-believe gangster.

Those of you that don't know me will learn this in time.

The Big Mystery - Is It Satire?

So, if the 'murdered' person is not Teddy Smith then who was it?

Only Reggie Kray, or somebody very close to him, will know the answer to that question.

If you knew Reggie, and this close business associate, as well as I knew Reggie, and know his associate, then them you would appreciate their satirical sense of humour.

My view is that despite being grievously ill, and knowing he was on his deathbed Reggie could not resist saying goodbye without leaving behind a conundrum that would keep people talking and guessing for a long time, maybe for ever.

Now, whether Reggie thought of it or his close associate was the scriptwriter, I am not sure but the truth will come out one day for gangland's top hierarchy.

From his ringside seat upstairs he will be smiling, as the press pundits make wild guesses at the identity of the murdered man. I will guarantee, and so will everyone else that knew Reggie, that it was not a woman, but for the benefit of political correctness I had better mention it.

Those journalists with any sense will read this and allow Reggie to rest in peace, but it won't happen.

The guessing game will probably gain momentum, and some daft writer with a warped sense of imagination, and a tendency to tell lies, may well write a book telling us who the murdered man is, and how the murder came about. An even dafter publisher will probably pay well for the rights, and will publish and be damned.

Had there been a second murder by Reggie I would have known. Information of that importance would have certainly found its way to me. The hierarchy in gangland is a small club with a severely restricted membership.


Perhaps, the real clues to the answer to the question lies in the fact that Ronnie committed his murder before an audience of people in the 'Blind Beggar' pub.

Reggie did away with Jack 'The Hat' McVitie at a party in an East End house.

Now with those facts established why would either Reggie, or Ronnie, keep a second alleged murder as close a secret as the, 'where is Lord Lucan' mystery? It doesn't add up.

For me I'm going to share in the fun with Reggie, and his close business associate.

Who is the close business associate did I hear you ask?

Now that would be telling. If I made public his name it might spoil his fun, and who wants to be a killjoy? He will know that I know it is likely to be him.

Rest well, Reggie you've earned the smiles. The 'mystery' will run and run.

For Shaw - Roy's The Real McCoy

Last week Channel 5 bored us with a trip into the fantasy underworld.

This week they made up for it with a factual documentary on Roy Shaw.

In last week's fantasy underworld program the lead character pranced and danced around with nothing of any note to say.

In contrast so Roy Shaw behaved like a person to respect and gave chapter, and verse, on his prison, his Broadmoor exploits and life outside these grim places..

Roy is a respected man because he earned respect the hard way. There is no fantasy about his exploits. They really happened as he told them.

Whether it was to be a serious tear-up in gaol or a bad row outside, I would sooner have one Roy Shaw with me than ten pseudo gangsters.

With Roy at your back you knew the only reason he would not be there was because there was no more breath in his body.

With the pseuds they would probably be gone the moment a 'tool' came to light.

We Dare To Criticise Others!

What happened to Roy in Broadmoor Mental Hospital is a disgrace to a so-called civilised society.

To carry out crude surgery on the brain of a human being defies belief, and makes the complaints against the Nazi doctors' experiments on concentration prisoners hypocritical.

There was no gold miniature coloured knuckleduster around the neck of Roy, nor were there knuckle-dusters in sight.

The likes of Roy Shaw don't need to frighten people with ornaments. Their presence and reputation is more than enough.

Roy took us to Broadmoor, and without obvious malice, but nevertheless with muted anger, described the dreadful ordeals he was subjected to in Broadmoor, and showed us the roof upon which he staged his demonstration that made the headlines.

If Only………

It is remarkable that with so much punishment inflicted on his mind and body that today Roy is so well preserved mentally and physically.

The trip to Broadmoor was no pleasure. However it was very pleasing to see Roy in a boxing gym looking in great shape,

Since giving up a life of crime, and no holds-barred boxing, he has established himself as a respectable businessman, and is a self-made multi millionaire.

We saw his new Bentley motorcar, his beautiful home and his commercial properties. Yes, Roy has made it - and made it big.

This makes you wonder at what he might have really achieved had he been born on the other side of the track, and started earlier?

Still better late than never.

Good luck, Roy you deserve every penny.

But then the real thing is always worth it.