Tuesday, February 22nd, 2000







My lovely partner Marilyn and I hope you had a happy Christmas and welcomed in the New Millenium in grand style.

Things have been hectic and Marilyn had a well-deserved break in Cyprus just prior to the holiday.

Thank you for the e-mails and we both wish you all a Happy New Year.

If you get a spare few minutes why not send an e-mail to the Home Office requesting that Reggie Kray be humanely treated and released from prison.

He has more than served his time and any prolonged incarceration is pointless, very costly to the taxpayer and adding to a severely over-crowded prison population.

You have to be a sick person to believe it is just to keep any person locked up in prison when they have served their time and paid their debt to society. It is sadistic behaviour of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, there are sick people in powerful political positions who have the legal right, but no moral right, to deny a person freedom after they have paid their dues.

The insidious continued erosion of people's rights is extremely worrying and unless decent people in authority stand-up and stop this creeping paralysis it will get worse and worse until the point of no return is reached.

The outcry at the visit to this country by Mike Tyson was pitiful.Judging by the screaming headlines you would be excused for thinking that Hannibal Lector, the Son of Sam, the Yorkshire Ripper, Presidents Amin, Mobutu, Nyere and other latter day savages had their sperm combined together some thirty odd years ago and with a donor's egg from Myra Hyndley, the result is Mike Tyson.

When it was announced that Mike was going to come to England it was party time for the hypocrites. Puffing up their over-blown egos they en masse searched for every adjective in the dictionary that could be interpreted, with imagination, as meaning bad and stuck it on Mike Tyson.

Mike is no angel but his conviction for rape is about as genuine as a $2 greenback. Only the ignorant or the incredibly naïve would have convicted Mike and unfortunately for him he had landed in a convention of dumbo's. Had his trial taken place in a more just USA State the case would have been laughed out of court - that is if it had through some mistake reached that far.

When eminent lawyers like Harvard professor of law Alan Dershowitz go on record and describe the trial and conviction in words that mean they were a travesty of justice then this opinion has to be respected.

Mike is a man that lives on a short fuse. This is not an uncommon human trait except the difference with him is that he is a universal celebrity and a highly talented natural fighting man. That's not his fault. He was given that talent and people and the media made him a worldwide celebrity.

He is also a very rich man.

Boxing And The D'Amato Rock
The safety valve for aggression that is boxing enabled Mike to channel his natural aggression into fighting under controlled conditions and for many years under the tutelage of boxing professor the late Cus D'Amato, Mike reasonably stayed on the straight and narrow.

However, the death of Cus came at a particularly dangerous time for Mike. He was the youngest ever world heavyweight champion, was an American hero and international celebrity. He had riches beyond any young ghetto kid's wildest dreams - and his D'Amato rock of stability had been taken from him.

With Cus no longer his 'minder' the circling vultures landed. Mike was no match for them and the writing was on the wall. Surrounded by some of the dregs from the sewer Mike was easy meat.

With the restricting hand of Cus no longer on his shoulder Mike was encouraged to feast on the pleasures of the flesh and there was no shortage of women anxious to share his bed. This earned Mike a doubtful reputation.

Then some brain of America made the arrangements for this now obviously troubled young man to go the State of Indiana, with his growing entourage, and be a judge at a beauty competition for young women.

The conviction for rape came about after a young competitor in the beauty contest left her hotel bed to go on a before dawn date with Mike Tyson.

No doubt the young woman believed they were going on a picnic in the black of night.

The five years prison sentence that followed his rape conviction catapulted Mike into the hands of the predators who are always on the lookout for a meal ticket and the jackals knew this one was special and would be a long lasting feast.

The humane kindness and boxing university education given to Mike by Cus D'Amato was abruptly brought to an end. Mike was made a disciple for dubious beliefs by the jackals and his downward descent on the slippery slide began to spiral out of control - and there was no going back.

It became a tragic ending to a fairy tale created by Cus D'Amato and played out by Mike Tyson.

Mike is still a massive earner of dollars but while the jackals surround him his life will remain in turmoil. He has a lawyer wife, who conducts herself with dignity, and children. It is time for Mike to realise that the jackals will truly destroy him unless he calls a halt to their destruction and banishes them. Out of respect to Cus D'Amato and his own family this is a duty he must perform.

Screaming Media Banshees
While the screaming media Banshee's were calling for Mike to be refused admittance into England they conveniently forget that living in Lewisham, London was the former Rwandan Army Colonel who is alleged to be responsible for the massacre of THOUSANDS of civilians during the terrible civil war that saw the breadown of law and order in 1994 in that country.

Lt. Colonel Tharcisse Muvunyl aged 46 is now to be deported to face trial before the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Is it any wonder that our young people grow up with disrespect for their elders when hysterical headlines, organised protests by venomous political women and, according to press reports, Home Secretary Jack Straw was, sensibly, forced to amend an order barring Mike Tyson from entering this country, while barbarians like Lt. Colonel Muvunyl are allowed in to legally settle in London.

The whole circumstances are a mockery and shameful.


Those pillars of society top art auctioneers Christie's and Sotheby's are under investigation by the USA Department of Justice for federal anti-trust violations. The inquiry began in 1997. Christie's have, it is alleged, held up their hands to a charge of collusion to devise a new tariff of charges between the two auction houses in March 1995.

This meant that vendors and buyers were forced to accept the tariff terms set by the two auctioneers and competition was erased.

In 1996 Christie's profits were $53.6 million Sotheby's were $68.2 million.

Sotheby's are standing by their right to remain silent.

Apparently Christie's former Chief Executive Christopher Davidge, who resigned from the company on Christmas Eve, is understood to be negotiating a personal amnesty in exchange for recent and future co-operation. Presently he is 'resting' in Argentina.

Sotheby's have had $200 million wiped off their share value.

Not surprisingly there is now deadly war between the two houses.

This alleged greedy behaviour gives me a warm glow. Judging by these fallen angels I could have done a lot worse in my choice of friends. At least my pals had the good excuse that they were living in dire poverty and became criminals by necessity.


It seems as if USA billionaire and golf club owner Donald Trump has landed in the rough with his $30 million Palm Beach located new golf course.

Members who have paid a whacking $200,000 membership fee to join the club are being put off their shots by sporting advice shouted down to them by prisoners housed in the jail that overlooks the first six holes.

One man who should join this club is former Christie's bigwig Christopher Davidge. He could ignore the golf advice but might learn some good tips for the future.