A Watery Grave
Frank saved the life of his childhood friend Billy Murray from certain death when the notorious currents of the River Thames threatened to take him to a watery grave.
This same stretch of river was to claim the life of Alan Richardson, Charlie and Eddie's younger brother.
Charlie had always wanted the affluent trappings of wealth and to be seen to have them.
He already had fast cars, made to measure suits, a big house and a successful business. But the ultimate status symbol for him was a speed boat.
He would take time out from his daily business activities to flaunt himself and his boat on the River Thames and at the same time, not only sticking two fingers up at the Houses of Parliament but also at the snot-arses of British Society who kept boating to themselves.
Although married with three children, Charlie was having an affair with his secretary Jean Goodman and she often accompanied him on his little trips up and down The Thames.
Alan, in Charlie's office one day, was invited along. Although a bit reluctant at first to join them, because he knew the situation between him and Jean, was eventually convinced by Charlie to come along.
They raced up and down, under and around the bridges laughing all the time, while hanging on for dear life.
Charlie aimed the boat at one of the bridges support pillars and swerved away at the last moment. And again they laughed.
As the boat avoided the pillar, it hit the wake of a pleasure boat that had passed earlier.
They were going so fast that they couldn't avoid the swell. The boat was flung in the air as it hit the waves and they were all thrown out into the icy water. The cold river and its hidden undercurrents almost took Charlie to its depths.
Jean couldn't swim and kept going under and reappearing. Charlie swam to her and managed to keep her afloat until a lifebuoy was thrown from the pleasure boat. They were pulled to safety.
Unfortunately for Alan, he was never seen alive again. His body was found down river next day yards from Charlie's speed boat, the ultimate status symbol.