Short Supplies
At the beginning of the War, a rationing system was introduced, mainly as a way of preventing panic buying but also to stop the hoarding of goods by the well off. However it didn't come into force until the 8th of January 1940.
The Ration Book proved to be very successful in the control and distribution of goods regardless of income or background. However, as the war progressed goods that were taken for granted became scarcer and scarcer, such as eggs, cheese, butter, meat, tea, margarine, jam, rice, tea, cigarettes, petrol and clothing.

The Ration Book or Card offered a variety of ways to buy goods such as:
Points...Some goods such as canned meat were bought using a points system with an allowance of 20 points a month.
By price...Some goods were rationed by controlling how much money you could spend in purchasing the goods. In 1942 the meat ration was 1s 2d a week per person.
By time...You could only buy a certain amount of goods within a particular time period, for example, you were only allowed one packet of dried eggs within a period of 2 months.

Clothing was rationed...based on the food points system.

Petrol when available could also be bought through the coupon system.

A thriving black market soon evolved, not only in the commodities themselves but also the coupons to get them. Everyone seemed to turn a blind eye to the wheelin' an dealin'. If you could get a bit extra to feed or clothe your family then that was okay. It wasn't really stealing was it?
Frankie was always willing to help with stolen petrol and clothes coupons, suit lenghts or cigarettes.
In June 1945, aged 22, he was arrested with three others for a raid on Benfleet Town Hall where they were after clothing coupons. They attacked the police and made their getaway. They were chased all the way back to the East End. Driving through the Rotherhithe tunnel they ran out of petrol. There were six of them on the raid, three got away.
Frank got arrested along with Charlie Ransford and Spindles Jackson. He and Ransford were sentenced to 20 months and Spindles got 2 years.
Frank was sent to Wandsworth prison.