The Blitz
The Blitz (shortened from German 'Blitzkrieg', "lightning war") was the period of sustained strategic bombing of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

On the 7th of september 1940 over 1200 German Bombers and Fighters of The Luftwaffe headed for the capital. The Blitz on Great Britain had begun.
From the outset London suffered 56 consecutive nights of bombing, which left thousands dead and the city devastated. The East End and the London Docks were the hardest hit with warehouses and factories burning out of control.
All parts of London were affected, from buildings being completely demolished to windows being blown out and doors blown off.

The bombing did not achieve its intended goals of demoralising the British into surrender or significantly damaging their war economy.

The eight months of bombing never seriously hampered British production, and the war industries continued to operate and expand.

The Blitz did not fullfill its intended purpose of paving the way for Operation Sea Lion, the planned German invasion of Britain. By May 1941 the threat of an invasion of Britain had passed.

Still on the run from approved school, Frank was to find the Blitz and the war in general 'a thieves charter'.
With the blackout in effect and air raids nightly, the chances of getting caught 'at it' were nil.
The Blitz lasted nine months, until may 1941 and left over 40,000 dead, 20,000 in London alone.

Frankie Fraser's freedom however, ended a month before in April 1941. He was arrested with Johnny Barry and two others for breaking into the Waterloo Hosiery in The Cut. Frankie, only 18 at the time was sent back to Borstal.
He was released in January 1943 after serving 18 months.