Cons to Icons
An exhibition exploring how criminals turned into folk and media heroes was held at the Tardis Studios in Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell between the 1st and 14th of November 1999.
An appropriate venue for Frank, bringing him back to an area that first spawned his interest in criminal activities, when all those years ago he first met Darby Sabini.

Cons to Icons was an exhibition of live head castings, portraits and video of 9 of Britain's most notorious criminals including:

Bruce Reynolds, one of the Great Train Robbers
Roy Shaw
Dave Courtney
Freddie Foreman
Howard Marks
George Taters Chatham
Peter Scott
Ronnie Biggs
And of course 'MAD' Frankie Fraser.

The busts were created by Bruce's artist son Nick Reynolds,.
Frank was shown in what can now be described as a classic pose, fighting his way out of a straitjacket, a garment not to be worn lightly!

Frank however, did not attend the exhibition declaring that he would not be seen in the same company as Dave Courtney, who he openly accused of being a grass.