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Vardin Stephen Tue-06-17 10:53:47 PM
As many of you are aware Mick played an extra ordinary role when he initially created the campaign website for the release of Reg Kray. Mick accepted the opportunity to work on the project for free, despite the work estimated around £8000. During these years Mick became good friends with Frank and has always remained faithful to both The Krays shown through his extreme dedication during the Kray Kampaign, and is still regarded very highly for his design skill and his own narrative on their stories.

I assumed full management of the krays site many years ago and have only the highest respect for Mick, if honest I've not given the site the attention it deserves but have always promised it will remain as long as I live and am proud Mick picked me as his replacement. I'll finish by adding how much time, effort and skill Mick has devoted over the years to both Frank and Reg Kray.

Mick over the past 19, almost 20 years you have yourself become part of the Kray and Frank Fraser stories....the Kray Kampaign was ground breaking and the first of its kind to campaign for the release of a UK prisoner, INFACT the first gangster related website available. Mick your a legend...drop me an email mate....Vardin

Del Lovell Thu-07-17 6:09:48 PM
A very interesting and informative site - I'm so glad that you took the time to make this as good as it is.

Frankie was a legend and would be proud that you are keeping his name and legacy alive.

Its not all been roses between us Mick - you and I know that - but I'll be the first to acknowledge hard work...and in this case it's paid off.

Great work and keep it up.

Nezzy Thu-06-17 12:23:56 PM
Got to say this interactive website is brilliant, and Mick should be praised for all the work he has done in preserving a piece of gangland history for generations to come. Well done pal, keep up the great work. This is one of the best, if not the best crime related website out there.

Mick Gallagher Thu-06-17 6:25:08 AM
Please feel free to use this comment area for anything related to Frankie Fraser and the many people he associated with throughout the years.
you can also leave your comments and criticisms about the site and constructive comments on how to improve it. Take care

Jonathan Nobby Sat-06-17 7:50:12 PM
Most possibly the largest amount of documented film on any U.K. gangland legend in his own words by Frank Fraser.There really is nothing missing in this fantastic volt.
Great thanks go out to my good friend Mick Gallagher for making this accessible to us all.

JimmiNi Mon-10-17 2:00:07 AM
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